Undercover Boss

There are a lot of companies that would benefit from their CEO’s going undercover and to check out how their company is operating. I deal with companies daily, we all do and it amazes me how they’re run and operated.

 Wal-Mart is a big example of bad management when I go into their store which isn’t often I am just flabbergasted each time I go, almost at all times the stores are short staffed, there are line-ups a mile long, shelves are not stocked, merchandise all over the place and disorganized and customers have a difficult time figuring out the price of the item.  And at one particular location they’ve been renovating the inside of the store for 3 months and it has been at the same state since it began, they havn’t done much which makes it a huge inconvenience for customers.

At a higher end grocery store’ Metro’ the location at Bathurst and Lawrence, there’s always carts in front of the store that makes it difficult for people to walk in and out of the store and every time I go to the Deli counter to buy 7grain bean salad, no one is there to help out. However, the location at Bayview and Eglinton is best location I’ve shopped at.

Dealing with reps for wireless/cable/internet companies can be painful. First you have to get passed their tedious, redundant menu options.There are times when you talk to customer service representatives on the phone and there have been many times where I say “I hope this call is monitored because you need training, sorry to rude.”  And I hate it when reps that don’t pay attention to what you are saying and you have to repeat yourself but I even ask them if they’re paying attention. So, either their quality assurance is non existent or their supervisor is not paying attention nor care, or all of the above.

At one Tim Horton’s location (Steeles and Yonge-Bathurst), employees never get the order right at the drive thru, many of them don’t even speak English. On one occassion I ordered 2 snack wraps one with ranch and the other ceasar dressing and a large coffee with one milk, she gave me one wrap no dressing and a small coffee double cream with sugar. And I said ‘maybe its the next person, cause I didn’t order this” she insisted I did. I said, “Hell no, I don’t drink cream nor eat sugar!”

Nothing is perfect but these companies wouldn’t exist if they didn’t have customers and as such customers shouldn’t deserve less. And its up to the management of these companies to do their job and make sure they follow companies mission and values which sometimes seems non existent.

Solution; better staffed and staff, better training, properly stocked and labeled shelves, clean and organized shelves, simple and short menu options when calling into customer service, 1 person to deal with your issue and not 10 different people, shorter hold times, and English speaking employees.

Oh and yea, CLEAN washrooms. Most resemble swomps.