My wireless provider sent me out the new iPhone 4. For someone who’s a Blackberry fan, call me crazy but I am not too crazy about the iPhone. I have the previous model the 3GS and after having the iPhone4 for a few hours I don’t see any differences between the two other than the screen resolution, front and back camera which can be helpful if you take a lot of self photos or video, HD video which I rarely use and the different casing which looks cheap.. So can someone please tell me why people stood in line for this thing?

They left a couple of things out that they keep leaving out and things that the Blackberry spoils me with. A LED indictor flashing letting you know you have a text, email or BBM text and the different sounds you can choose for each. So because of such I have to check my iPhone periodically checking if I got that email I’ve been waiting for or the text. And I would only know if I got an email etc is if I keep the iPhone close by and hear that faint sound it makes.

It’s nothing revolutionary or majorarly different than the previous verison.

I prefer the Blackberry and at this point I see myself returning the iPhone and just wait for the new Blackberry Torch which is suppose to come out this week. And isn’t it ironic that RIM which obviously makes Blackberry is based in Ontario and Canada is last to get the latest Blackberry.

In any case, I’ve decided to return the iPhone4 and wait for the Blackberry Torch to come out on September 30th.

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone4 is a sexy, and very appealing phone but I would be very diligent when handling it, I’ve dropped my Blackberry’s many times and it never broke.