360 Dog

This is the story between my dogs, who are in conflict.

I first got Osker from the animal shelter in February. He’s a very playful dog so I thought he would benefit by getting another dog companionship, so I found Scooby at the animal shelter a few months ago in June/July.

They’re both males and 2 years old. Osker was a stray and Scooby was surrendered by his previous owner, apparently his owner had health problems and didn’t take care of him.

When I brought Scooby home, Osker wasn’t happy about sharing his owner with another dog as he gave him the cold shoulder.

Three days later they become best buddies and played all the time with each other.

Fast foward to 2 weeks ago, suddenly Osker becomes aggressive towards him. Anytime Scooby wanted my attention Osker attacked. But I’ve also observed them a lot and noticed Scooby tests him and like little kids he was like “look what I got”, he would pick up chew toys and tease him. Unlike humans, the other dog doesn’t pick up the other identical chew toy laying around.

So I am thinking Osker’s fed up with the dominance between them. Who knows, I don’t read dogs minds. I just analyze.

So, this morning I noticed Scooby was doing his “let’s play” act with Osker, he growls and wags his tail and rolls on the floor but Osker has ZERO interest and turns the other way, unlike other times when he plays along with him. This has been happening for a week, coincidently the same time I said my dogs are well-balanced…. I spoke too soon.

So I thought it would be best to drop off Scooby at my sisters. But after doing so, 1 hour later I picked him up, I thought it was wrong to give up so easily and to give up on Scooby.

It’s getting worse and now Osker is being terroritorial. I correct him each time he displays this type of behaviour but does it again later, he’s stubborn.

Now Scooby is intimidated my Osker. And they’re both unhappy and I’m unhappy because they’re unhappy…lol..

The thing that bothers me the most is that I never seen Osker this way and I want them to be buddies again. That’s why I brought Scooby home.

It’s just odd how Osker does a 360 on him and I thought it was just a bad day thing, but it’s more of a permanent thing.

So, I am not giving up. I am not giving Scooby away and they will deal with it on my terms.

I need the Dog Whisperer or someone like him for guidance on this issue. Aggghghghghgh!

But I’m sure there’s a lesson to be taught here. If dogs teach us to love, I am sure there’s a lesson in this situation.


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