Cold Blooded Monster jailed for cruelty after strapping condom on dog

 Only in Canada will you hear that a parole board releases someone out of prison for stabbing someone multiple times in the heart.  So what does he do when out? He kills a dog as he made the dog suffer in pain.

Shitheads like this should never be released from prison. Not only is he a danger to humans but to animals and who knows what else. Only a cold blooded stupid inhumane insane piece of shit would strap on a condom to a dog and make him suffer because the dog wasn’t probably house trained.

His punishment shouldn’t be 4 additional months in jail, the right punishment is to do what he did to the dog. He should SUFFER SUFFER SUFFER for being a scum! And they should of never let him out. I wouldn’t be surprised if this deadbeat commits another hideous crime and is back in the news.  One thing is for sure, he will go to hell when he dies.

 And I have no idea why the TorontoStar reporter mentioned twice that he’s a diabetic. Diabetics don’t strap condoms on dogs penises.

If someone cannot take care of a dog then give the dog to someone who can. It’s so simple. Dogs don’t deserve cruelty. So many airheads walking around I wonder how do they even turn on a light switch.

Tyson, a three-year-old black Lab mix, had to be euthanized after an external infection spread internally to his abdomen and bladder.

Tyson, a three-year-old black Lab mix, had to be euthanized after an external infection spread internally to his abdomen and bladder.


Anjalo Abeywickrema didn’t know what to do with his new dog, Tyson, a three-year-old black Lab mix that urinated and “humped everything” in his house. So he placed a condom on his dog’s penis and secured it with rubber tubing.

About 24 hours later, Tyson had to be euthanized after an infection spread from his genitals to his bladder.

On Friday, a Windsor judge sentenced the 51-year-old man to four months in jail for cruelty to an animal.

The incident occurred in early May.

According to Abeywickrema’s lawyer, Tyson became agitated when the condom was secured. The dog tried to get the condom off, but couldn’t and bit Abeywickrema when he tried to help. Then Abeywickrema brought Tyson outside to calm down. Once outside, Tyson took off.

Abeywickrema, a severe diabetic, lost the dog and collapsed — and then suffered a heart attack. A day later, with Abeywickrema still in hospital, Windsor city officials found Tyson and notified the Windsor-Essex Humane Society.

An external infection spread internally to his abdomen and bladder, according to Melanie Coulter, the society’s executive director.

“If we could have saved the dog, we would have,” Coulter said.

Abeywickrema was out on parole from a manslaughter sentence at the time, said his lawyer, Kevin Shannon.

“He stabbed his best buddy in the heart one drunken New Year’s Eve,” said Shannon.

When Abeywickrema was released from the hospital, he broke down and told his parole officer about the dog. Shortly after police arrested him, Abeywickrema suffered a second heart attack in jail.

Abeywickrema’s parole was revoked and he has been in prison since his arrest on May 13.

The four-month sentence will be tacked onto the remaining manslaughter sentence. Shannon figures his client will serve two-thirds of his time and will be out sometime next spring.

Shannon said Abeywickrema has mental health challenges in addition to his severe diabetes. Shannon said he was remorseful in court after pleading guilty to the judge.

“He turned to the people of the court and said ‘I’m sorry to all the animal lovers,’” Shannon said. “It’s too bad because he was starting to turn things around.”

As part of his sentence, Abeywickrema isn’t allowed to own an animal for five years.