I’ve been wanting a new mattress for some time now so last week I finally went out and bought one, of all places, Sears. And that will be the last time I ever buy furniture of any kind from Sears. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever bought furniture from Sears. Something about BeautyRest bowling ball thing type.

The representative who sold me the mattress was quite friendly, she helped me pick out a good mattress, it was a quick choice. The price was right and everything else.

But the service stopped as soon as I left the store. I set delivery between 9am to 1pm. This morning at 7:30AM I got a call from the delivery people saying they’ll be at my door in 5 mins.

So I quickly got out of bed, got dressed, lifted my old mattress, put away my duvet and 10 pillows and waited. I was also feeling sick.

5 minutes turned into 30 minutes. And they knocked on my door.

I opened the door and there were 2 black guys, “where do you want this?”. There was no Hi or any friendly greeting, “Where do you want this?”. I ignored his rudeness. His mother didn’t teach him right.

Since I don’t have a frame for it yet, they supplied one as part of the deal I made with them. The metal one, nothing special.

So I said to him ” The assembly is included, please put it together”. He replied as if I am part of his gang or something, ‘Ugh NO, it’s not!”.

I said to myself whoooa someone pissed in his corn flakes this morning.

So he asked his partner and he said assembly is included. And it’s even on the receipt and bill of sale. But I am sure he was being a lazy son of a bitch.

So he took it to my room, purposely blocked off my bedroom with the box spring and said “Can’t put it together the screws are missing”.

What a coincidence!! You didn’t want to put it together and now the screws are missing. Wow! Who are you fooling, you shithead! He took them out fo the box and in his pocket.

SO they left my mattress there with the plastic on an all and took off.

I bought furniture before from different places and on all occasions the delivery people take off the plastic for the customer and are no so rude.

As soon as they left I placed a phone call to the store and spoke to Corporate Customer Service and they were no help. I don’t like to wait around for someone to call me back, so I called the manager at the store, she wasn’t too helpful either. So since I don’t have all the time in the world for the other manager to call back I drove all the way to the store from which I bought it from and spoke to the manager. Which is 30mins away.

While waiting for the manager, a lady from a different department noticed I wasn’t too happy and asked if she could help, so I told her the story and she said I’m not the only one who complains about the delivery, she’s been working at Sears for a long time and told me she has grey hairs from working there listening to customers complain all the time.

So, I was ready to return it and arrange for them to pick it up for a refund.

I finally spoke to the manager ( he was supposed to call me back 3 hours prior) and he offered to have someone come out the next morning to assemble the frame and he also offered $100 to compensate the inconvenience. I first said no, then changed my mind because I couldn’t be bothered to shop around again and wait another week for delivery from another store. So, I accepted their offer. I asked how will I get this compensation and when? By cheque and within 2 weeks.  What is this? the 70’s. By cheque, who uses cheques these days?? Besides Sears. Their debit terminals are 10 years old.

And if the cheque doesn’t come in 2 weeks, the mattress goes back. I have no problem sending it back, I still have my other mattress.

So I (a customer) lectured them on customer service and basically said for a store such as Sears to contract a crappy 3rd party delivery company that apparently has been only a problem for them for some time and them not to do anything about it, says a lot about how they value customer satisfaction. The lady told me the previous delivery company was even worse, they had customers complained that they never got their merchandise, the delivery guys would lie that the customer was not home.

But unfortunately for them, words gets around,  I told people my experience, some of these people  happened to be shopping for furniture but after listening to my experience they said they now know where not to buy. And when I post something on my site and insert tags, whenever someone types that word in a search engine my site comes up. Or any site related to that tag comes up. It takes some time for it to appear in the search engine but it does.

My parents also bought a mattress from Sears 2 weeks ago and got their delivery last week, the delivery guys arrived 3 hours late and they only dropped it off in the living room and took off.

Customer service should not stop at the store, a customer’s experience continues beyond that, including delivery. And even the delivery people make a huge impression on the company they work for. So if a company isn’t proactive and doesn’t correct the problem it will kill their reputation and customers will go elsewhere.

These big greedy corporations know nothing about customer service and when there’s one unsatisfied customer there’s 20 more.