Canada welcomes terrorists on ship

Prime Minister of Canada is tough on crime but easy on illegal immigration. Brilliant.

Our country wants to build more prisons for unreported crimes and throw everyone in jail but when a ship full of human smugglers and terrorists and their kids make it to British Columbia, they welcome them with open arms. Now you tell me, our government is not corrupt?

The processing of these migrants, health care etc, will cost Canadian taxpayers $24 Million.

The ship of Tamil terrorists, smugglers and human smugglers. But what does Canada do? They have tents up with welcome comittee’s and house warming gifts standing by. And hospitals are prepared to take care of them.  I’m just dumbfounded.

There’s a reason why the other two counties turned them away but Canada, Oh Canada let’s everyone in this country. What does this say about our country? That Canada is an easy target and easy to take advantage of, that we have no backbone. Want to immigrate here? Get onto a ship and come on down! Terrorists and all!  And Osama Bin Laden is hiding in the Yukon.

 Why do Canadian’s taxpayers need to honour the 490 illegal aliens that jumped line to get here? These people will be a burden to Canada. And there are refugee’s waiting in UN refugee camps in their own country to get here why do these people get preferred treatment. This is despicable. I’m not proud to be Canadian right now. It’s no wonder we don’t see Canadian flags waving everywhere like the Americans do it, it’s because things like this.

When you got people all over the world waiting to be reunited with their family here in Canada, months to years, if I was one of those people I would be pissed to hear people jumped lined, terrorists and all.


VICTORIA, B.C.— Armed Canadian military and the RCMP have intercepted the MV Sun Sea just off the north coast of Vancouver Island Thursday afternoon as the vessel carrying 490 migrants on board veered towards the B.C. coastline after months at sea.

The men, women and children on board, who left Sri Lanka in April and have been turned away from docking in at least two other countries, are claiming to be refugees and asking Canada for asylum.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, on his way to Victoria where the vessel is expected to arrive late Thursday night or early Friday morning, said there are “suspected human smugglers and terrorists” who have now entered Canadian waters.

Officials have intercepted the vessel but not boarded the ship. The MV Sun Sea is now being “guided” by Canadian authorities, according to Toews.

“Human smugglers and human traffickers are now watching Canada’s response,” said Toews. “We will send a message to criminals.”

Toews has said that among the migrants are terrorists associated with the Tamil Tigers.

The ship was spotted near Ucluelet Thursday morning just off the course and has been tracked by Canadian officials. The ship was on its way to Port Alberni when the RCMP boarded the vessel.

A base has been set up off Esquimalt with tents and porta-potties and vehicles in preparation for the MV Sun Sea that is expected to arrive near Victoria, late Thursday night.

The Victoria General Hospital has reopened a wing and prepared an emergency room to examine and bed some of the more seriously ill migrants believed to be on board. Some of the migrants, who have been on the voyage since April, are believed to be seriously ill following an outbreak of tuberculosis.