What would you do?

Love that TV show Primetime: ‘What Would You Do?’ seen on ABC.  The show that uses hidden camera’s to test ordinary citizens using actors. For example, a straight couple entering a bar,  they both sit at the table and orders drinks, when the female steps away to the restroom the guy slips in a pill in her drink and makes it obvious to people sitting beside him. They used two different scenarios. One where the woman is dressed decently, and then dressed provocatively but with different bystanders. The bystanders were more inclined to help her out when the woman was dressed normal than like slut. Perhaps people thought the provocative dressed version asked for it.

Another scenario, an overweight woman sitting on a park bench eating, teenagers approach her then stand there for a few minutues harassing and insulting her, calling her among other unkind words. Most times than none people walking by reacted with outrage, one man was about to punch out the teens tormenting her but the tv crew intercepted before anything bad happened.

If I witnessed someone being harassed or picked on like that woman, most times you can point out the vulnerable and the weak, and without hesitation I would react, but not kindly. I am not a violent person at all, but if I witnessed anything like that all I will say is it won’t be pretty. I know how it is to be tormented, I was bullied for most of my childhood and when I was in high school I was scared shit less when the teacher left the classroom because when the teacher did leave, the entire class threw things at me, verbally abused and made my high school years hell so much so that I dropped out 4 times and went to 4 different high schools, eventually completing my diploma at home.  I did nothing to deserve it, the only thing that made me stand out was that Iwas reserved, quiet and to myself. There was no excuse for for what these shitheads did.

So when I saw this scenario on this show, it really hit home. When I saw that people stood up for the woman I wish I had someone to stand up for me as I wasn’t mentally strong enough to do it own my own during my high school years, I didn’t stand up for myself because I wasn’t confrontational I was only taught to ignore people like that but that’s not the right way to deal with.. ohhh how things have changed.

People are bullied by shitheads all the time, anytime someone shows a sign of weakness thugs and asswipes will do anything to feel powerful including tormenting others. They’re so insecure with themselves that it’s the only way they good about themselves. And it’s sick.