Stupid Questions to Dr.Laura


I’m a bit behind in listening to my Dr.Laura podcast. But I had to post these two questions people called in with to Dr. Laura…

Caller #1: We have a dog and we really love our dog, but she’s very old and and is getting sick and I want to do something about it, I want to put her down because we can’t afford her vet bills.

Dr. Laura: Do you have a vet that your dog goes to for shots etc?

Caller #1: That’s the thing, we love our dog we walk her, but I’m sure she’s overdue for vaccinations.And she hasn’t seen a vet in a long time. We love her.

Dr.Laura: You should give your dog to someone who can care for it. I think it’s incredibly cruel to say you don’t have money to pay for vet bills. You all have gone shopping, that would have paid for vet bills. I can’t believe I’m hearing this. When’s the last time you bought shoes? went shopping? The money you spent on these things could of went to the vet bills.

Do me a favor, don’t marry me or my daughter because your definition of love…we love the dog, but we just don’t take care of her… no no.


Caller #2: Hi, I want to know if I should marry my finance? He’s verbally abusive, jealously, unstable moods.

Dr.Laura: And you called me to ask me this? Should that even be a question?

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