Old Fashioned Way, sometimes is the better way

I am doing really well not falling into those traps. I am strong to enough to be alone then to settle for meaningless. I’d wait for someone who’s right instead of settling for what’s here because I don’t want to face myself.

I am highly convinced that dating web sites are a huge waste of time. Not because of anything recent as I’ve not met anyone from the internet in ages, but it’s because people judge the other person based on pictures and a few catchy introductions in a profile.

It’s a whole different experience through the old fashioned way before the internet ages where people met naturally through hobbies, friends, work, tea parties and parks etc. and not superficially, as the old saying goes “Dont’ Judge a Book By It’s Cover”.

For example, I am at some gathering or at a park, I spot two different people, one attracts me physically I talk to them for a bit, but they (using third person not to confuse straight people) bore me, they’re   dumb as a door knob and doesn’t have a sense of humor which is a must since I’m very sarcastic and like to joke around. But then I walk over to the other person who didn’t catch my eye physically but we click mentally, have things in common, they’re intelligent and has a delicious sense of humor (told ya, sense of humor is a huuuuuuuuuuuge turn on).

But who would of thought I would be hot for someone who’s only 5’6? ( I prefer taller as I am 6ft) and blonde when I like dark features. All that passes by me because everything else fits.

If I were looking for sex, the eye candy man would do the trick, we hit the bushes and call it a day, but I’m not that type of person, well not anymore.

So, all this living life outside your computer is so limited. Dating sites is like car shopping. A used salesperson will say anything and will try hard to sell the car,  tells you everything you want to hear (oh, sure no issues, no problems, no accidents). It looks good but the facts say otherwise.

People will write all sorts of crap about how amazing they are,  they mention their admirable qualities that we look for which is standard with everyone; intelligence, honesty, warm-hearted, driven, loveable, loves romantic dinners by the fireplace and all that jazz. But when you finally meet them in person you got zonked and got a bad deal like they do it on the game show.

Me on the other hand, no success with the internet dating thing, I scare them before I even get to the point of meeting them..of course intentionally for various reasons only a really experienced psycho-therapist would know (because just any doctor turned psychotherapist doesn’t work) . How I scare people? I say,”Ok, just to let you know I have a receding hairline, I could lose about 20 lbs depends on the day oh and I could be possessive and controlling, so, um do you still want to meet?”.. then I hear “Please hang up and try your call again, this is a recording.”  Well, not really.

I only this with males. Maybe I am not really gay. I laugh. Well, I respect women better than I do men.