Let Lucy Listen for You: How to Get Off Hold

Raise your hand if you’ve wanted to throw your phone through the window after being put on hold multiple times while trying to get through to a government or customer service department.

“Your call is important to us, but all our operators are busy.”

Yeah, right. My call is important? Insult my intelligence on top of wasting my time.

According to a Consumer Report about what annoys people most, not being able to reach a human was second only to hidden fees when it came to infuriating people.

LucyPhone wants to change all that. When you get put on hold, LucyPhone lets you hang up and calls you back when a customer service representative finally picks up. Lucy listens to the muzak for you!

Well, not really, but when the service representative comes on line Lucy’s programmed to wake up and tell him to press 1 to speak to you. Then, when he does, Lucy calls the number where you can be reached and connects you to the representative. Best of all, LucyPhone’s service is free.

Of course, customer service representatives have to press 1 in order for this to work, and apparently in the early days there was an appalling number of representatives who hung up when THEY were faced with a non-human on the line.

Go figure.

But LucyPhone’s been working with companies to get them to see the advantage of working with Lucy, and reportedly representatives are now canoodling with Lucy, just fine.

LucyPhone has also just created a free iPhone app, so you can use it while on the go.

I sure wish I’d had Lucy the time I called a Canadian Tire location to find out if they had a three-piece loading ramp in stock. They said they did but when I arrived to pick it up, they couldn’t find it. So, an employee called another store to find out if they had one in stock. The other store kept HIM on hold for 15 minutes while their guys looked, and they ended up hanging up on him. So he gave me their number and told me to try my luck. I called, and they kept me on hold for 20 minutes and hung up. I called back and it happened again. And again. And again. For an hour while I stood in the other store. Apparently every time the guy looking for the ramp got out of range of the phone station (they were test-driving a new system), it lost the signal. Net result: An hour later they were getting ready to close and there was still no loading ramp in sight.

Can you spell F-U-R-I-O-U-S? If another Canadian Tire employee hadn’t gotten off break and found the thing in the stock in the back (where it was supposed to be, in the first place, in the store I was in), I might have assaulted their display of tire gauges. And tossed them all through *their* window.

Bookmark Lucyphone.com for the next time you call a customer service department.

Now, this does not solve the problem where once you get a rep and they put you on hold forever.

I love it when they say “your phonecall may be recorded for quality assurance purposes”.  Most big companies like Rogers don’t care a rat’s ass about quality customer service.

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