Are you for real? And the winner of the day for strangest ad goes to….

DO you want a new hairy friend? The little sweet thing (cough) will give you lots of kisses (gag), she is potty trained, she comes with a cage, food, treats and bedding!

As seen on Kijiji




I am looking for a new home for Dru the rat.  She is just over 3 months and brown with a white tummy.  She is very gentle and affectionate (she loves to give kisses!).  She loves to play with people and run around.  She is “potty trained” (she will return to her cage if she has to go).  I bought her to be a companion for my rat Darla, but unfortunately they are not getting along.  I will provide bedding, food and treats.  I also have a hampster cage that i can offer, it will do as a temporary home but she will need a proper rat cage as she gets bigger.  I have come to love this little one and I am sad to have to find her a new home.  If you are interested please call or email me. 



People please stay off the bad drugs!!!

If I wanted a pet rat (never in a million years) I’d go to Chinatown and catch a few of these nasty creatures in the garbage area or in some cases while having dinner at a chinese restaurant as they roam around.

 Solution: Give it to one of those other wackos who keep snakes as pets, snakes they love mice.


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