Fastest way to get to Canada – marriage

I am not surprised at all. If it’s not the justice system giving pedophiles, rapists and other villains a jail free card, it’s the flawed Immigration system. Innocent lives lost in the hands of cold blooded killers, children’s innocence and lives ruined because of sick and nasty predators, women and elderly people victimized by the lowest of humanity and immigrants jumping the line manipulating vulnerable and weak people and lure them into an ill conceived marriage just to fake their way into this country.

However, women need to be a bit more smart when it comes to marrying someone the next day they meet them off the internet or days after they meet them in a tropical country on vacation. Desperate is one thing, but seriously? Are these women mentally challenged? Or just naive and very very desperate?

 You see, if this happened in the USA I would deport myself out of the country because over there the US marshals bust your door down with their machetes, bring you before a judge and that judge locks you up for years. Unlike Canada where they’re slow to respond, take their sweet little time and then send you sweet polite letters in the mail telling you to go to the airport and leave Canada, but that doesn’t help because that letter is Returned to Sender and the person is hiding somewhere because by the time the government does something these people have already changed their identities.

 A Toronto area MP is calling on the federal government to make changes to national immigration laws in order to make it harder for immigrants who enter into marriages of convenience so they can live in Canada.

The most common type of fraud occurs after Canadians sponsor foreign spouses to live with them. After being granted permanent residence, the new arrival then lands in Canada and abandons the person who sponsored them.

“It’s a big problem here,” said Bramalea-Gore-Malton Liberal MP Gurbax Singh Malhi, who estimates that within his own riding, he hears about two or three such cases every month.



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Kara Dhaliwall married Neeraj (Sunny) Kanda in India last September. The 22-year-old Victoria woman claims she was misled by a man from India who, she says, married her to get into Canada and dropped her after he obtained his visa.
misled by a man from India who, she says, married her to get into Canada and dropped her after he obtained his visa.
oman is facing criminal charges in a case police have dubbed “seatbelt rage.” A provincial police officer pulled a car over Thursday, April 15, in Meaford, Ont., after noticing the driver was not wearing her seatbelt. Police said the woman became “highly agitated,” screamed and shoved the officer before throwing her documents on the ground.

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“This is very unfortunate … it’s a shame for all the people here,” he said at a packed Brampton town hall meeting called to address the issue on Thursday night.

Ashpreet Badwal, a 35-year-old Brampton resident, is one person who is a victim of one of these marriages.

Badwal – who is confined to a wheelchair because of polio – met her future husband, Indian national Manjit Shahi, on an online forum four years ago. After corresponding with him for a year, she flew to India in November 2007 and married him.

Upon her return to Canada, she tried unsuccessfully at first to sponsor Shahi as a Canadian citizen but that bid was rejected. After spending thousands of dollars appealing the decision, Badwal eventually prevailed. Shahi was a granted permanent residence visa on June 26.

Immediate deportation requested

But Badwal said that when Shahi flew to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport earlier this month, he called to say he wasn’t going to meet her. She hasn’t seen him since, she said.

“The day he was supposed to arrive, everybody was in my home – my friends, my family. But everything was just a dream I guess,” she said.

She said those looking to enter a “marriage of convenience” in Canada are after nothing more than a “free ticket.”

“The law is not hard. It’s easy to break in.”

Under Canada’s current immigration laws, Badwal is legally responsible for Shahi for up to three years, possibly affecting future sponsorships.

Malhi has sent a letter to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney requesting Shahi’s deportation “immediately.”

“The longer he is permitted to remain in Canada the more powerful legal arguments he will be able to build in order to either remain permanently or, at the very least, considerably delay his removal,” the letter says.

Malhi also said he would like Canada to adopt a system similar to the one in place in countries like Australia and England, where the sponsored person isn’t given full permanent resident status until he or she has lived with a spouse for three years.