No Sex please, we’re sweaty (speak for yourself)

Speak for yourself! In this heat it’s the only thing I want to do! Well, maybe it’s because I have the air conditioner on when in doors, when I’m outside in the scorching hot weather and it’s like being in a sauna,  there’s on one thing on mind..ok…I’ll stop there. But it’s not sex if you’re not sweating.

Obviously a woman wrote this…

No sex, please, we’re sweaty

Things may be heating up around the house, just not in the bedroom.

Environment Canada is reporting record-setting minimum temperatures at night for the past two nights, hovering around 24C, compared to the normal 16C.

This presents a critical problem from a health point of view because it means Torontonians are suffering heat stress around the clock, with no relief even after the sun has set. Senior climatologist David Phillips called this an “exotic” record and one of the more important reasons why this particular heat wave is more unbearable than others.

During the day, people can go to air-conditioned places whenever they feel the heat, but at night, when libraries and malls are closed, those without relief are stranded. One may think that at night temperatures will fall and the weather may become more tolerable. That may be true to an extent, but the humidity remains high. Moreover, the sun, which creates different temperatures and pressure patterns in the air and thus causes wind, has set—taking the breeze away with it.

Other factors that contribute to the elevated nighttime temperatures include greater cloud cover, smog, and the urban effect—there are now more people living in the city, and the heat from the buildings and pavements tends to come out at night.

This muggy and oppressive weather makes it difficult to get through each night, preventing the body from recovering from the heat stress experienced during the day.

The result is a vicious cycle in which the elevated nighttime temperatures make it easier and faster for daytime temperatures to shoot up, and daytime highs are now reached earlier in the late morning instead of the afternoon.

Another result of the heat wave is also, in a way, vicious.

“I can tell you there’s less sex going on in the city on those kinds of nights because you know people have ready excuses,” Phillips said. “It is not your mood. The heat is on your mind.”

He added that people are likely choosing to sleep in separate bedrooms or cooler areas in the house like the basement.

“I’m sure there’s no huge population explosion nine months from now, you know, and it’s probably related to the heat wave.”

-Joanne Wong