It’s raining twats

(Edited, I have a strange habit of talking in 3rd person and don’t proof read when tired)

Excuse me if I sound like an asshole but the worst in me comes out with I deal with big twats. Otherwise, I can be the most kindest and generous person..I am a Leo.

From morning to dawn one shitty incident followed by another.  First, this morning when I dealt with a stupid Taliban (yea, one of those who thinks our country owes them everything) and a, idiot gay guy with a big mole on his ear. He asked me if I remember him from years ago and I said gawd no. Oh yes, I will be an asshole, alright.  And me the asshole told the assholes that they’re assholes, oh, I hold nothing back to Shitheads.

Then later on when I drove my dog to the grooming salon which is located inside Petsmart, low and behold the power was out on their block, so the appointment I waited a week for was a let down. I was pissed off cause he needs to get nails, trim, and bathe done. Besides, it probably was not meant to happen because I learned that one who gave him a crappy haircut before was gonna be his groomer again for this appointment, hell to the NO! And I couldn’t hurt anymore feelings today but asking for someone else.

I am one of those that treats my dog as if he were my child. I mean, I spoil him and give the love and affection he deserves and needs. But I am a strict owner tho. After all, he IS the most amazing dog I’ve ever known.

Anyway, then before heading home for the night I stopped at the grocery store. I had 4 things in my cart and stood in the EXPRESS lane, which is supposed to be for those who need to pick up just EIGHT items or less and get out! Well, the elderly woman with 20 items before me took forever to locate her Airmiles card in her wallet, and she took her sweet little time.  Don’t  be doing this in the Express lane!  Then she skipped the Airmiles card altogether and gave her payment. After she paid, she found her stupid airmiles card that you have to spend tons of money just to get one blooody airmile. So the cashier who was supposed to tell her to go to customer service to add the airmiles number to an after purchase, didn’t, and held up the EXPRESS long long even more cause she had to do paper work. All cause she was a senior. That is NO excuse.

I respect my elders, but only if they respect others. I don’t care about the senior excuse, being a senior shouldn’t be an excuse. My grandfather was 86, obese and on a scooter and he was a quick thinker.

What I hate most and what pisses me off are people who are either so dumb or self-absorbed or both and have no awareness of anyone else besides them. “yup, so I am gonna hold up the express line and take my sweet little time because I’m old. Something about express lane and senior that doesn’t belong.

Why are people afraid to speak up? she’s an elderly woman, not disabled. She was well dressed, make up all done up for her shopping trip. It’s people who enable these people that makes them feel it’s alright to stop the world just because they feel they have the right to.

It should be a law for Chinese and seniors to drive. And why aren’t these people in their retirement home playing cards or polka dancing or something else wild?? Why have them hold up lines at grocery store or drive 5 km’s in a 60 km zone?

Oh and to top it all off, I told my “friend” to go stick a dildo where the sun down shine. You’re done when you verbally abuse or think I will take put down’s and insults. And what’s sad, she said I’m softy because she talks that way to her friends and they have no problem with it. Then go to those trashy friends, cause I don’t take that shit that spews out of mouth. Later, there’s plenty of shit from where you come from.

After all of this, I got home and my dog was waiting for me and that’s when I was reminded that things are not that bad. Anything that makes me smile.

Oh the boring details…

I called Petsmart and asked to rebook for my dogs grooming and she said “Oh, yes, you were here for the blackout, we were going to call you but got so busy, so you’re lucky you called, I have an opening at 3pm today. I said, wow, I am so lucky to bring my business to you, yay for me!. So dumb as I can be I did return to PetSmart as I was so eager to get my dog groomed and the whole works.

Before I left I asked for a price quote and I was quoted a rate of $60 for the whole package, wash, nails, trim. So when I got there, busy like crazy, I asked for the prices again. I am not one of those stupid one’s who pays anythng and everything. She asked me how much hair do I want cut off, I said probably an inch. She said ok, because anything over that is extra. I laughed and said you’re kidding, right? She said nope. And then she said do you want also conditioner? I said um, let me guess extra too? She said yes.  And how long does he have to be here for? She replied, “oh about a few hours”.

So, I am thinking in my head, ok, it’s gonna be the crappy dog stylist (chinks are butchers when it comes to cutting hair as she did a horrible job last time), extra fee’s for conditioning, I am not buying the bottles for f___ sake!!, and how dare they charge extra for cutting hair longer than an inch. 

She showed me the total cost which included all those absurd extra fee’s and it came out to $80. I chuckled and said nah, I don’t think so, taking my business elsewhere.

So I headed to Wal-Mart, bought a shampoo bottle for $9.99, the good kind. Nail clippers and a little trimmer. I also bought one of those long shower heads that come with a hose for $40. All these supplies totaling about $60, the cost of a one time grooming session. Got home and bathed the dog and trimmmed around his eyes. I however couldn’t do his nails because I couldn’t find the blood vessel, since his nails are black. You need to see it where it ends so you won’t cut too far. So, nail clipping cost $9 at a dog saloon.

You gott ba smart and spend money wisely and not on bullshit to the greedy companies that say, “You’re lucky for being our customer”. 

I am lucky for taking my business elsewhere.