Comfort Zone

Just random thoughts…

Can I tell you how much I despise Windows 7, hate hate hate it! It is just as bad as Windows2000. My laptop always freezes up. Windows Explorer sucks ass too! Planning of going Mac. Speaking of crashing and dead, my Toshiba Qosmio laptop that I got in 2007 is done it died well it’s on life support, not the first time, 2 years of owning it the motherboard fried so it had to be replaced, and man, forking out that $450 for 3 year extended warranty paid off when the $900 motherboard had to be replaced.

Now, the graphics card or motherboard is done again and my warranty expired in March. It did give a warning, a few times the screen did odd things. But stupid me, I ignored the warnings I should of saved everything I had.

Anyway, moving on…

When I went to Israel last year I was quite dismayed with my aunt’s lack of knowledge of her country. Israel is the size of New Jersey, so it’s not like you have to fly five hours by plane across the country to get to the nearest happening place, for example Toronto to Vancouver.  For the 10 years since she moved back she never went to Jerusalem or anywhere outside Tel Aviv.

Anyway, I am mentioning this because the other day I had to meet up with my friend in the outskirts of Toronto to a place called Mississauga. I got lost, I got mixed up with Dixie and Dixon Rd. So my friend said to me “Joey you need to become familiar with places other than Toronto, Downtown and Scarborough. I said, “Listen, there’s nothing in Mississauga that attracts me, there’s nothing there!! What’s so happening in MISS issauga! The word MISS is in the name because you need to MISS the place.

Yes, I judged my aunt for not knowing her country better but Israel has so much history and so much to see and do, it’s not Toronto. Two entirely different places. Israel is a fascinating place, and Toronto is just okay. And to be honest I think the only thing that keeps me here is the comfort of being familiar with the city since I was born in Toronto that and I just can’t just pick up take my backpack and my baby (dog) and move across country. The only other place in Canada that interests me is Vancouver. I’ve got so much in my apartment. But I think it’s an amazing thing to do is live in different parts of the world. TO explore and learn what the world has to offer, other than the comfort of familiarity. 

SO, go out live and learn.



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