Attitude Adjustment (edited)

So, this is how I work. You give me attitude or a dirty look when it’s not due, I will give that in return twice over.  I stop myself and say ok, perhaps they’re having a bad rag day, who knows. But when it happens again and then again, that’s when shit hits the fan. You may think, Joey, perhaps it’s your demeanor and the way you present yourself, and you could be right, XXXXXX not here. A lot of times I like to joke around, but the plain dull girl wasn’t into it.

And this is from someone who get’s a long with black women really well. If I were straight I would most likely date a black girl. We just click.

When I signed up at this other gym I did it only because they have more variety in cardio equipment, nothing else. I don’t like it in any other way.  But when the black ragdoll receptionist gives an attitude from the moment I ask for a sales rep, that’s when the evil in me breaks through. I am not pretending to be almighty here. But I am a straight shooter which is almost always, unkind words come out and I can’t control that. Really I can’t. If you’re rude, I give it back. Instant karma.

So, I’m giving her one more time, if she gives me that insecure dirty look again……..words are weapons. And I’m psychotic.

Take no shit from anyone, stand up for yourself and you’re protecting your soul. Put those people in their place and that’s that.

Another example of a bitch snatch. I’m at the park with the 2 dogs, my dog walked across her to check out her dog, she says to me “Excuse me, can you move your dog!!”, I said “No, you’re at a park where there are dogs, dogs walk in the park, you don’t want other dogs around you? stay in your backyard.” And at that point I wished my dog pissed on her leg.

There are those who dislike dogs, but when you’re at an open field where it’s to be shared among species, whether it being kids, dogs or bitches. Especially my dogs, they won’t even kill a fly, let alone chase it. They don’t even chase squirrels!!! For crying out loud!

Now, if I were walking a Roitweiller, Great Dane or other big dog, yes I understand the concern.

Seriously people, keep it closed if you’ve got nothing smart to say. I have little threshold for stupidity.

Stay home if you’re on a bloody rag!

Don’t be stupid and everything will be all fine.

 Listen, I am a nice guy believe it or not.