Ok, this will most likely be a boring blog but oh well. So, the proof is on the scale, I’ve gained an enormous amount of weight. Well, I would like to think so. Yes, lately I’ve been posting about my weight and I am a man, only women talk about this stuff. So, if something is broken, fix it. Time to shape up. And maybe it’s time to change gyms. I like the gym I am go to now because it’s not crowded but it lacks in the cardio area. The cardio machines are not up to todays standards or mine perhaps, and very little variety. And it’s the only gym I’ve ever showered in. I hate taking a shower in public showers, it creeps me out knoqing that hundreds of other men have been in that same stall to shower. However their competitor (Xtreme Fitness which is much like 24Fitness in the US) which is across the street has much better equipment but I hate the gym for the following reasons; it gets very crowded, the change room sucks and it attracts a different clientele.

Here’s the psychotic part, I just go there do my thing and leave anyway, so why care who goes there. But it’s not like I go blindfolded either.

And I am a geek.

I thought I had to share that.