Cut (edited)

In the jewish religion the circumcision takes place 8 days after the boys birth, as the rabbi explained to the unreligious people such as myself, it happens on the 8th day because the baby is strong enough to have it sliced and chopped. So why not have it done on the weekend when it’s convenient for people to attend. And why is circumcising made into some spectacle. If it was my son, I would have it done at the hospital and not done by some clown with a beard and magician hat.

So tonight the snip snip to the poor little cute baby’s nipnip happened, and man he was screaming lots. But I am sure he’ll thank mommy when he’s older. Circumcised dicks are healthier for males and looks better. I’ve seen those uncut one’s and sometimes there’s a lot of skin dangling and it looks like something is living in there and about to be transformed.

When I got there I was approached by my mother’s friend who I don’t like for a few reasons. They’ve been friends forever, for more than 20 years. For some odd reason he said ‘Mazal Tov’ to me, and I said “why? it’s not my kid” and he said “don’t be an asshole”,  I said takes one to know one, I guess. Him and his wife are full of it.

Speaking of full of it, my brother who I rarely see said to me, “Joey, what happened to you you gained like 50lbs”, and I said “hey it’s better than 100lbs”. Referring to him, that butterball turkey. But I did not gain 50lbs over two years. I guess he’s used to seeing himself in the mirror too often.

And low and behold a couple of other people commented on my weight, “hey, what happened you gained weight”, big fuckin deal, what am I some beauty pageant queen?

People, it’s water retention I ate too much chicken last night! Who knows. Shut up!

I do go up and down tho.

Anyway, cousins were there and for some reason I’ve had a few people inviting me over to their place, “you gotta come visit, you should come over.”  and I rudely asked “what would we talk about?”, I mean I don’t see anything in common with these people. So they can ask about my past which is that, the past. HIStory. These are not the people I don’t want tell my stories to.

Before my brother left I said to him,” hey why not invite your siblings over once in awhile, I mean I’ve not seen your youngest daughter since she was born and that was 2 years ago.” There’s reasons why i said that to him out in the open. To prove he’s an idiot. As I say many times over, UR LOSS, NOT MINE!” And that’s what makes me move on very quickly. Yes.

But I am not interested in religious people. Spirtual Yes, but not religious. And what get’s me going are those who try to put their religious beliefs onto others, you do what you do and I will do what I do. And people think being gay is wrong. At least I don’t try to turn everyone gay or bring on my sexuality onto everyone. “So you gotta try bending over sometime!, Really! It’s the best thing you can do!”

See, what is wrong in our society are those religious people, not gays.

I had to meet mother before tonights festivities and she wasn’t home when I got there, but my grandmother was. I called from downstairs to let her know I arrived , when I called in my grandmother didn’t know how to buzz open. She suffers from Alzheimer’s. Ever since my grandfather died her condition seemed to of got worse. So then I knocked on the door and she still thought I was on the phone and said she don’t know how to open the door, and said go to hell.  So I knocked louder to make it known I was at the door and not on the phone. She was all confused.  I’m highly convinced her mind ended up this way because my grandfather did all the thinking for her and she never really used her brain a lot. He was always in control. Basically she was a puppet.

So, my bloggers I am getting tired. I’ve not proof read this yet, but I’m gonna go ahead and publish it anyway because when I don’t click on that published button I don’t bother posting it later.

P.S the old dog is annoying the hell outta me. He takes forever to shit he literally squats forever, he smells the grounds way too much before he makes sure it’s safe to pee and when he does he pisses on himself. He always ends up under the under dog and gets pissed on (gee, it’s raining out) and then he wants me to pet him and I don’t wanna because he’s been pissed on. And he barks at everyone. He pisses in my apartment, doesn’t like to walk far and I like going for long walks with them. He always takes up my other dogs’ bed when I want them to sleep in their own bed, my other dog doens’t sleep in the others bed. He’s perfect for a senior citizen to match. And my mom doesn’t want the dog back.

Patience is a virtue, but who cares about virtues!

And as I type this, my younger dog is snoring so loud and first time heard him snore this loud he’s shaking the damn floor. Not annoying just commenting.

Do I complain much? Trust me, I laugh at myself complaining much. You should hear me in the car when I drive yelling at stupid motorists….GET OFF THE ROAD, COMING THROUGH!

 Anyway, I’ve more stressed than ever since family has moved back that I’ve got depressed even more. Always drama.

I think I’m gonna move to Vancouver.


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