Hung Up

Sometimes when I visit my parents I like used to go to a middle eastern takeout called Me Va Me  and there is that word ‘Express’ somewhere in that name but I fail to recognize it and I usually order a grilled chicken pita sandwich. It’s a take out counter and most times it’s usually very busy, almost always. During this occasion when I arrived it wasn’t busy, so I said to myself oh good I don’t have to wait for this quick take out.

So I placed my simple order of a grilled chicken sandwich in whole wheat pita and waited.

And waited.

Suddenly I see all these take out orders being made and filling the counters for the drivers to pick up.

And I waited.

Twenty minutes passed by and still no sandwich.

Okay, so let me cut into this story and say this…when we go out for a meal. At most times we do so because we’re hungry. What’s worse than having a restaurant make you wait forever for your food?? It makes you pissed off, especially when your blood sugar level hits rock bottom and you become a psycho.

Anyway, I don’t feel there is a need for me to explain to a takeout place or any business that values their customers  that I’ve been waiting for 30 minutes for a BLOODY SANDWICH!!!!!! (Without the blood).

Suddenly the place got busy, very busy and the counters were covered with takeout orders. I arrived there way before all those who showed up and my food was still not ready. So I went to the counter and complained and demanded a refund.

Low and behold after I asked for a refund, within 2 minutes I got my sandwich. So I looked at my receipt and and my watch and I’ve waited 32 minutes for BLOODY SANDWICH!! THIRTY TWO MINUTES!! And I said  WHY DOES IT TAKE 30 minutes to grill a little piece of chicken????, they looked at me as if I were crazy that I was complaining about waiting so long for a sandwich. I know this, Israel’s or Arabs or whatever they are know NOTHING, absolutely nothing about customer service but are good at taking your money. And I know that because I was in Israel last year and dealt with the crap first hand.

All that they had to do was throw a couple pieces of chicken onto the grill and thats it!!  THIRTY TWO MINUTES! What did they do? Chase the chickens out back and process the dead bird in the parking lot?

What is quite sad in this is that I had to ask for a refund to finally get my sandwich. They didn’t want to do that because they already refunded someone else for some other reason just minutes before.

Well, then the psycho comes out in me and I voiced my opinion about their lack of service in front of an audience, all cause they deserved it!! STUPID ASSES! At least those in line will know what to expect as they wait til eternity for their meal. After all it is a take out. You’d think you’re ordering a four course meal.


And then there is Bell Mobility who puts you on hold forever and don’t come back on line to let you know that the 23 minute hold will take longer or even apologize for the long hold because customers have nothing better to do than hold for customer service. You think they went on break or something. And if they can’t help you because they’re stupid and not trained, they “accidentally” hang up on you. Meanwhile you see their wonderful ( false )advertising campaign on TV. Just to grab your attention and money while getting nothing but a pile of shit for it. They have the worst wireless reception anyway, ha just like their customer service, go figure.

I seriously think this and other lousy corporation hire a whole bunch of dunse people to answer the phone and train them as they take calls, hence the long wait. No formal training whatsoever. Or perhaps they just think customers will just get fed up waiting for so long and that’s their way of solving problems. Or pehaps train them to hang up “accidentally” if they complain.

Ops, I just grew four more gray hairs venting.

 But what they don’t realize is that word goes around and I (or whoever) pass info onto others those people pass it onto others etc etc and bad word goes out about a certain business and people will tend to avoid. And then there are people such as myself with a blog who posts it and keywords are listed on search engines and people read and other people read and my voice is heard.

Mission Accomplished.