Dog talk

Something motivated me to get a dog, I’ve been hesitating for quite awhile because I wanted to plan right this time. So today was the day. I drove 40mins out to the shelter. As I passed by those poor and innocent loving dogs, there was one that just had that look I couldn’t pass up. So, I told the shelter I wanted him, I also told them it would be an addition to another dog so because of that they wanted me to bring my dog in for a meet and greet with the dog I wanted to adopt.

So I drove all the way back home and picked him up and drove all the way back. And luckily he was still available. As I was about to leave, a family came in and asked about the dog I just adopted and they were upset when they were told he was already adopted.

Some things are meant to be.

I kinda felt like psychopathish today.

Who the fuck knew I would own a small dog, I mean I wouldn’t in a million years, not one but now TWO? Big deal, right? RIGHT!!!!

You see, I used to make fun of the little dogs and call them mice. But look at me now, I own 1, the newly adopted is kinda medium.

It’s like how people go adopt kids, I have the need to have animals. But with all this, I kinda feel sorta a bit psychopathish. As if I am replacing the animals with human socialization. But no. I just feel that I’ve got a lot to give needy animals. One of the two of my parents dogs who is 13 years old  (Snoopy) (bad grammar alert)wasn’t really taken cared for even though they beg to differ. So I took him under my wings.

And before all this I even said nah, he’s too small and I would accidently step over him, thanx but no thanx. But then my grandfather died and my grandmother was moving in with my parents, and two dogs was too troublesome for my parents and my grandmother doesn’t like animals. So they thought getting rid of one would be better, some how?? So I took him. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before in my blogs.

Anyway, I need to get over the fact that it’s okay to own two dogs and that it’s not crazy. And I’m not bad crazy. I already know I am good crazy.

The thing is I’ve been a bit nervous before, during and after getting the second dog today from the shelter. I’ve never owned two dogs before, it’s a different situation and new and the thing I’m nervous about is that if them two will get along. The older one is a cranky bitch and complains about almost everything and he easily snaps, especially if you touch his left hind leg, he was in an accident when he was living in Florida.

So I went online and researched (like with most things) the breed ‘Lhasa Aposo’, not the most popular dog to get and I’ve always wanted a Puggle, by the way who comes up with with the names of some of these breeds? And I saw pictures of a few of them, and I’m like HELL TO THE NO the Lhasa Aposo I adopted will not end up looking like that. In the pics, the dogs have very long hair, kinda like a mop. The one I’ve adopted has the teddy trim. And theses breeds are hilarious. The look they give you just makes you laugh, with their big eyes. Perhaps, thats one of the reason I felt like a psychopath today, while driving I kept looking in the back to the dog and I kept laughing looking at him. It’s a good laugh.

I am still trying to figure out why anyone would abandom him. He’s a very good dog. I somehow think he he was kept outside or in a puppymill or kept him for breeding.

And the shelter did a crappy job chopping his balls off in other words neuturing him.

And what I like about this dog so far is that he’s not a sissy.