dribble (edited)

I said I wanted a dog, and I got one. Law of attraction.

Due to recent changes with grandmother moving in with parents after grandfather’s death, and grandmother doesn’t like dogs, I took one of the two of my parents dogs to care for. He’s an older dog about 13 years old. Very cute little thing, when out he lifts his leg up and doesn’t pee most times, and I am the crazy one and say “what are you doing? you’re not even peeing?”. He’s used to the warm climate in Las Vegas, so when I take him out in the snow or cold weather he walks back to the building minutes later and limps on one leg because his little tiny paw is cold, so I pick him up and carry him back home. Too cute.

I just thought the senior dog deseved quiet and peace for the remaning time he’s got. Family is always yelling and there’s always drama.

I’m glad I met my match…haha

Actually I prefer medium size dogs.

After a broken toaster, huge nasty mess, 3 bottles of bodywash, and a few broken cups, they’re gone.There’s finally quiet in my house, I had family stay over for 3 weeks. They’re gone and into their own home. I’m sure my neighbors are happy and frankly so am I. I was actually planning to move out and with them, and I quickly changed my mind and said HELL TO THE NO!

New season Millionaire Matchmaker is good. It amazes me that people who are successful in life don’t know what they want in the romance category. I read the fine print that the services provided are free because they’re on the show. But I love Patty Stringer. She can be annoying but I love strong people. Straight shooter types.

I have a lot of movie watching to catch up to for the Oscars. 

And that’s all for now, folks.