Click, block, delete…bub bye

It’s 2010 , 20 10!!!!     Just yesterday it was 2000!! Just yesterday!  I was only 24.5 then. I’m not going personal, but it’s sad. My stupid resolution this year, which just came to mind, live everyday like it’s last. Brilliant, don’t ya think?

 Let’s talk serious for a minute (well, depends how long it takes you to read the following sentences) You’d think after September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks the Americans would have it figured out by now. Hello! The guy was on that watch list! Was homeland security on vacation for the holidays? The thing about cash payment for the airline tix doesn’t mean anything, I’m sure there are cheating men who don’t want a paper trail when they meet up with their mistress(es).

It’s been on the news and online that we should follow how the Israel’s do it in their little airport, they screen passengers, yea it works for them because they got one airport and Israel is the size of New Jersey. How many airports does the US and Canada have?  How many people would they need to hire to screen every single person flying out, make make short trips between cities, it’s not a little operation like Israel’s single airport.

And who cares if you walk through that naked x-ray machine, it’s not like your image is plastered in the waiting lounge on some 52″inch plasma/LCD screen,  the only complaint I see valid is that for those who travel a lot, the amount of radiation you’re exposed to. But as far as privacy? Gimme a break! Safety comes first! Wake up! They’re not checking to see how big your assets are, but if you’re hiding something in your clothes!

But I am sure those terrorists will now stick up those explosives in their rectum which is not detectable on those XRay machines.

Onto the next topic, until just now I had a long list of people on messenger, %95 I have just deleted them all. Don’t put me on messenger if I’m there as an accessory. It’s called messenger for a reason and not some name on a list. And I don’t get this messenger and texting thing, especially if you’re messaging in the same city. It’s tedious! Let’s pretend we’re important and popular. Especially in the movie theatre!! Agghhhh, I wanted to slap that airhead.

Happy New Year!