Random Thoughts


 Random Thoughts

I’m running on empty.

A lost soul.

This is no poem.

Just random thoughts.

I’m just a human being with issues, like everyone else, unlike most I just recognize them. But have no worries I say, I’m no cry me a river. Issues, but spare the tissues.

Crappy fathers (sperm donors) do that to you. If you’re a parent be it, if not, get someone who can. Don’t damage the kid so that they have years of damage control.

Florish it with love and care, be the role model it needs, it’s for the child. Or else it will be an empty soul.

If you can’t provide, don’t have babies. Leave it for those who can, look up nuture, care and love. A child deserves no less. It deserves more and more.

It’s not all about watching it grow, it’s no flower.

Don’t be overly kind, people will abuse it, catch it early on and don’t let it be. Watch out for yourself, first.

Stand up, speak up and be heard. Face fear in the eye and be strong. Fight the demons and conquer all.

Oh yes, I’m educated in sex, but not in love.

I don’t want to be in relationships like the one’s I see. Dysfunctional all around. No thanx.

Bad Romance, like Lady GaGa.

Co-depenency is an illness, no cure.

I’d rather be single. Yea,single. Doesn’t mean I’m emotionally inept.

Gay sucks, doesn’t it. Men do too. Oh yes, they do.

Dick serviced, boredom, and the next guy with the pants down comes along.

Ooh Oooh baby, two minutes later bye bye baby.

What happened to what matter’s most? Getting off is for low achievers. Aim higher, no pun intended.

Right hand give better pleasure then some dirty trick. And with no guilt. Most times, better skill.

Do good things and they shall return, karma can be a bitch sometimes, watch out.