Inmate beaten to death over potato chips in Toronto Jail.

What has this world come to? Murdering someone over potato chips?? Obviously these thugs love spending their time in jail because they’ll be in there for a long time, ops, this is Canada, they’ll spend at least a couple of years in that place. Canada needs to abolish credit for murder, it’s difficult to comprehend how a justice system can give a murderer credit for the time an inmate waits for trial.



Police alleged that a fight over a bag of potato chips may have lead to the fatal beating at the Don Jail last weekend.

Three suspects, charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jeff Munro, 32, made a court appearance Tuesday.

The attack occurred in an area of the jail where there are no surveillance cameras.

The Don Jail holds short-term prisoners who are generally either awaiting trial or sentencing.

Munro, of Toronto, was confined and beaten to death in his cell around 8 p.m. Saturday, police said.

But lawyer Barry Swadron says the decision to put Munro – who struggled with mental illness and drug addiction – into that jail was “outrageous.”

Munro was put on probation early this month after spitting at a police officer and knocking her hat off, but ended up in the Don Jail after allegedly violating the terms of his probation order.

Munro’s mother, Christine told The Star her son moved to Toronto to pursue a career in dancing. He worked as an entertainer on several cruise ships in the Caribbean, she said, but he also struggled with drug use and mental health issues and bounced around downtown homeless shelters.

“The police know Jeff,” Munro said. “There’s supposed to be a profile that says he’s mentally ill and that he should be taken to the centre.”

Munro had been arrested before, but had always been sent to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health on Queen St. W. to serve his sentences. The centre, Christine Munro said, always called when her son had gotten in trouble.

The men charged in the attack are Troy Victor Campbell, 24, Osman Sarikay, 22, and Kevin Andre Veiro, 21.


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