The Average Package

Well, all you men out there. How do you measure up??? 

71: Percentage of women who think men are too concerned with the size and shape of their penises

21: Percentage of women who think length matters

33: Percentage of women who think girth matters

22: Percentage of men who describe their member as “large”

22: Percentage of men who would prefer a smaller penis

6″: Average length when erect

3 in 4: Number of men who say their penis naturally hangs to the left

4.8″: Average circumference when erect

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3.5″: Average length of a flaccid penis

84: Percentage increase in volume between the average flaccid and erect penis

15: Average number of ejaculations each month for a man in his 20s

5: Average number of ejaculations each month by the time a man reaches his 60s

2.6 minutes: Average time from stimulation to ejaculation

1/3 to 1 teaspoon: Amount of semen in each ejaculation

275 million: Amount of sperm in the average ejaculation

60: Number of days it takes for a single sperm to reach full maturity

60: Average percentage of sperm that are healthy enough to fertilize an egg

Before birth: “Age” when most men’s testicles descend from their abdomen

76: Percentage of men who say they have never been tested for an STD

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28: Percentage who say the main reason is because they don’t want to know if they have one

$397 million: U.S. condom sales in 2007

3 million: Number of people in the United States who are allergic to latex

4 (snug, regular, large, XL): Total number of condom sizes

1 in 6: Number of men over 35 who have had a vasectomy

1 in 1,000: Likelihood that a man who’s had a vasectomy could still impregnate a woman

The airspeed of ejaculate: 28 mph

55: Percentage of men who are happy with the size of their penises

85: Percentage of men whose left testicle hangs lower than the right

61: Percentage of male newborns who are circumcised in U.S. hospitals