Sarah Palin to be on Oprah

I can’t believe Oprah is stooping that low to have this idiot on her show. Palin is a lost cause and will do anything for publicity, as if all that negative publicity isn’t enough. I am sure Oprah will be asking her all those tough questions that usually has Palin stumbling to answer. I am finding it difficult to believe that Palin was able to write a book, but I am sure it was written by one of those good paying writers out there, you know, those gifted people that can take a few sentences and make it into a book.


(Oct. 21) — Sarah Palin will appear on Oprah Winfrey’s show Nov. 16 and some of the talk show queen’s fans are upset. So are some supporters of the former governor. But the meeting of the mega-personalities was inevitable.
Palin has a memoir to promote and Winfrey, whose program can supercharge book sales, wants more viewers. It is no coincidence that the live interview will air on the day before “Going Rogue: An American Life” hits store shelves — and right in the middle of the November ratings sweeps.
Still, reaction to the news on Oprah’s Web site has been largely negative. Many who posted comments expressed disappointment. For example:
SAY IT AIN’T SO “O” ! — bigskyseek
Dear Oprah, I sincerely hope you do not give the Quitter Twitter any plug on her book. — the_auki
I can’t believe you are having this woman on your show. Where is your loyalty to the Pres? — nicholas04
The AOL News article about the announcement drew lots of Palin backers, many of whom also made note of Winfrey’s support for President Obama.
Oprah lost my viewership when she promoted only Barack Obama. I really like Sarah Palin, but won’t give Oprah the time of day anymore. — EVC90
Don’t do it Sarah. You’ll be going into enemy territory. — Bbrockp
Too bad. Oprah is a zero in my opinion. People of value should avoid her. — GeoMcDaniel
Not all the posts were from Palin’s fans, though.
For the good of the audience do you think she’ll quit halfway through the interview? — Nitajk
Going on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” is “obviously a publicity stunt” to boost book sales, said Right Pundits blogger Bryan McAffee. While, as TPM LiveWire’s Ben Frumin predicted, “Going Rogue” probably won’t be a pick for Oprah’s Book Club, there are other potential benefits. On, C. Brooks Kurtz said Winfrey “will be able to humanize Gov. Palin to people predisposed to dislike her.”
Others on the right are focusing on what Winfrey has to gain now, after refusing to have the GOP vice presidential nominee on her program during last year’s campaign. Another Black Conservative’s Clifton B was one of several who argued Winfrey is trying to pull out of a ratings slump, citing figures from last season.
The conventional wisdom that Winfrey lost viewers because she endorsed Obama doesn’t hold water, according to Bill Gorman at TV by the Numbers. Her show is off to a strong start this season, with ratings in the first three weeks up 15 percent from the same time last year. But there’s still plenty of room for improvement and it’s a good bet Winfrey’s ratings will peak on Nov. 16.
Even before Palin makes her appearance, people are wondering what Winfrey might do for an encore. There’s someone else who’s feuded with her and is all over the news these days. Next on “Oprah” … David Letterman?