Stand Up Speak Up

In the past week I’ve seen a police chase, a creepy man stalking the elderly and teens throwing rocks at cars from a roof,  and a whole bunch of inconsiderate assholes, all this in addition to my busy schedule. That and my 18 month old niece stuffing my face with popcorn…lol

For some odd reason when the cold weather approaches I pack on the pounds and become a beach whale. And that’s the one of two feminine things about me.  Obsessive compulsive sucks, doesn’t it? But nearing 500lbs..just kidding.

In the past week I’ve witnessed some crazy stuff. When my family and I were leaving after visiting my grandparents retirement home one night, I see this strange man standing in the parking lot staring at the (retirement home) building, he started to walk away as soon as I noticed he was standing there in the dark, then he walked past a catholic school nearby which was closed and dark inside and looked in the windows and then he disappeared. As we  drove up and approached the main road he was standing there unzipped starring at us in the car. It was a very creepy ordeal. I was thinking perhaps he was trying to get into the retirement home and abuse an elderly person. The last thing I don’t want to hear is something happen and I didn’t do anything about it.

Yesterday, my sister and I witness a police chase in the most unexpected neigbourhood, around my parents condo. The neighbourhood is a relatively safe and it’s rare to see that kind of activity.  The police car sped onto the lawn and then the two officers ran after some guy with a trench coast, my sister who is quite noisy wanted to hang and watch, moments later a car drive up to the police car and someone took off with the police car and I’m like whooaa, what the hell??? But then he flashed his police badge, obviously he was an undercover. But all this in broad daylight and in the least expected place.I thought maybe the guy in the trench coat stole toys from the nearby Toys R US

One thing I hate seeing are ablepeople who take the elevator in the subway, it’s specifically meant for those in a wheelchair and those with strollers. NOT FOR THE LAZY SHIT HEADS WHO CAN’T TAKE THE ESCALUTOR!! One thing I noticed with most Canadians is that they don’t speak their mind. But I did. I tend to speak for the unspoken. Stand up and speak up people! Canadians are too soft, as if they have an inferiority complex. There was a woman with a stroller waiting for the elevator, but lazy asses who have no business taking the elevator go onwhen they could of took the escalutor nearby.

And then the bus driver told another lady with the stroller it’s not his job to help her lift the stroller onto the bus. GET OFF YOUR SORRY FAT OVERPAID NASTY ASS and help someone out, ASSWIPE!   And I said that to him as we were getting off the bus, he yelled “It’s NOT MY JOB!”.. Really now??? Cause let’s hope you’ll lose your job after we make phone calls about how it’s not your job.

I can’t save the world, but if I have to I will stand up for other people, when they’re afraid to.  I am not saying I am all that, but c’mon people, have the balls to speak up. When an asshole is driving a bus and tells a mother with a stroller and two kids that it’s not his job to help her bring up the stroller?? The asshole deserves the repercussion.

And another thing today, a bunch of teens or kids were standing on a roof on private property and they were throwing rocks at cars driving by. I am like, what the fuck??? So I called the police and reported it. Call me a snitch, but what it comes down to is empathy. If you were in the car driving by and some twit throws a rock at your window, do you know the damage it can cause? Your windshield get’s hit, you get hit, distracted, drive into the car beside you and it can cause major damage.

Dirty looks and judgement don’t interest me much. If I am overcharged for something, even by a few dollars, I will make sure it’s known. You can look at me with that “Oh you’re damn cheap” look, but save yourself the time and do it to someone who actually dives a damn, cause I don’t! I am sick of the big guys ripping off the little ones.

Express Yourself, Don’t Agress Yourself!

Ok, I am done for now.