Bite this

It has been a month since my last blog and well, last night I was typing one up until I accidental pressed on some key and it deleted everything I typed, I was pissed, cause all that typing and it all deleted somehow.

If you noticed I posted something about my family being involved in an accident, they were hit by a cement truck, when I say they I mean my sister, niece and brother-in-law. I heard it all on the phone and it was one of the most terrifying things I’ve heard, especially involving loved ones. After I got off the phone with my brother-in-law who was in the ambulance, (my sister was mostly affected), I then wanted to call my mom to tell her what had happened. It took me 5 tries to call out because I was shaken by it all. I left work 2.5 hours early and rushed over to the hospital.

They were dropped off by the ambulance at one of the worst hospitals in Canada, the West Humber River. I got no clue why they took them there because the accident didn’t happen beside that hospital, I’ve never been there until now, but it was short listed as being one of the worst hospitals and some even call it the butcher shop. If you’re in an emergency and they’re taking you to that hospital, you might as well make funeral arrangements in the ambulance.. When I got there, I even voiced my opinion which was heard by many, there were quite a few nasty looks by people when I said “Why the hell did they bring her here? It’s the worst hospital, She needs to be transferred out!!”.

Luckily, everyone is fine and my sister is suffering from major back pains and her car is done like dinner. The whole accident scene was total drama as I was told. People yelling at each other, other people were yelling at the cement truck driver who was apparently laughing, and the police guy was a door knob. All I know is that god is watching from up above. Because it could of been much much worse, kinda like my life, actually.

Anyway, I am overcoming a flu, which I know I got from that nasty hospital. Do I complain much? Who me?

My sister, niece and I were out and about today, I am sure they’ll get my bug, but I warned her. I was in the car waiting in the parking lot with my niece as we waited for my sister to get her hair done at the salon and I allowed my niece to roam around in the car, which is something she’s not used to obviously because she’s in the car seat. She was having the time of her life, she’s very adventurous. But, what she did caught me by surprise. She’s only 18 months old. She took the keys, well she demanded them, climbed over to the driver seat, picked the exact key and put it in the ignition, and then she pressed the radio buttons for music. I kid you not. I thought I was dreaming or something. But it was really happening. She knows how to unlock the doors and press the window down.

Perhaps, it’s something normal for her age, what do I know I know nothing about babies cause I don’t have one, but she’s got so much character she’s entertaining. However, she doesn’t talk yet, I started late as well when I was her age, now I over compensate by being too outspoken. I was actually afraid to talk to people. And I can’t wait until she talks because she’s too smart. She gets too much attention from everyone including strangers because she’s  too adorable and very friendly, actually over friendly.

Her father and I get along well, he’s a crazy nut’s got that fun, crazy, badboy character.

My mother taught her to dance to the sound of music, so anytime music goes on, she dances to it.  How cute, eh?

Sometime kids can be an anti-depressant. And I say that

Well, unfortunately my life hasn’t been exciting lately, hence the lag in blog updates.

I listened to a Madonna interview which Ryan Seacrest (which is found on that radio’s website) did on his morning radio show.  And I resent what Madonna said, she won’t date fat and balding men. So, what she’s saying is that balding is ugly. I am not fat, well, depends on the day and I could lose 10-15 sometimes, but the balding part. It reminded me how much I beat myself up lately ever since my hair as been going. And yes, it’s a ME thing. You see, you can fix things in life, like if you’re overweight you can lose the fat, but when it comes to hair, it’s one of those things you have no control of. So Madonna if you’re reading this because oh I know you are, men cannot get away with adding hair pieces to their hair like you women do. Especially that very noticeable hair piece you wore on David Letterman last week. Well, men can, but that would be foolish because anytime you try to conceal something it makes it noticeable..ahem, like the pound of make-up you wear Madonna, nothing can hide the lack of checkbones and the bags under your eyes.

With all my love.

Madonna was on Saturday Night Live last night doing a stupid skit with Lady GaGa. What the hell was that?

My meds have not kicked in, in case you’re wondering.

Anyway, if you’re considering buying an Apple product, think twice. They’re all nice looking and have all those bells and whistles, but they’re very fragile and break easily. So the money you spend on their over priced products may be a waste. My niece was playing with my iPhone, and like all babies her age they put things in their mouth. My niece did that with my iPhone until I quickly took it away from her. But while she had it, some salvia went into the outlet where the plug goes and it changed the colour to show some liquid got in there. Nothing happened. Two weeks later I accidental dropped my iPhone and from there on in it never turned on again.

So I took it to an Apple retail store, after booking an appointment with them on their website, you have to wait 20mins after your appointment as well. Their service desk is always always packed with people, which tells me that their products only gives issues, they took their little flashlight and said “Sorry, there was liquid damage and the warranty doesn’t cover that, so you’ll need to pay $259 to fix it or we’ll just give you a new one.” I told them my non fiction story, and tried to explain it’s not because of liquid, they didn’t care because I’m sure they heard every excuse out there, and I clearly stated it’s because it fell on the floor, the manager said, yes, even if the liquid (baby salvia) didn’t damage the phone right there and then, if it feel afterwards it just adds to that and will eventually break.  I don’t but it and will esculate it further. If they don’t fix it, I am never buying Apple again. This all tells me that yes they build sophisticated products, but with a slight fall or a bit of liquid, it breaks, you’re shit out of luck. In other words, APPLE PRODUCTS DON’T LAST LONG!

 Excuse me, as I take a bite of my Apple.