Canada boycotts douchbag Iranian president’s speech

Do they even know Canada has a seat at the UN? Why is the Iranian goofball even at this UN meeting anyway? Nonetheless, the Iranian hater needs to keep his ugly trap closed and do the world a favor and stay in his cave, no one cares for his hatred opinions or comments. STAY and KEEP YOUR HATE IN IRAN!!

Ottawa bureau

OTTAWA – Canada boycotted a speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tonight to protest his “absolutely repugnant” comments on the Holocaust and Israel, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says.

Harper today forcefully defended Ottawa’s decision to walk out when the Iranian leader takes the podium at the United Nations in New York tonight.

“There are times when things are being said in this world that it is important that countries that have a moral compass stand up, make their views known. Our absence there will speak volumes,” Harper said during a stop in Oakville.

“Given President Ahmadinejad’s declarations . . . disgraceful, insulting declarations denying the Holocaust, there is no way I’m going to permit any official of the government of Canada to be present and give any legitimacy to remarks by a leader like that,” he said.

In a speech last week, Ahmadinejad repeated previous incendiary comments as he lashed out at Israel and the West, questioning whether the Holocaust occurred and calling it a pretext for occupying Arab land.

Speaking before a crowd of supporters at Tehran University, he questioned whether the Holocaust was a “real event” and called it a pretext for the creation of Israel. He said the Jewish state was founded on “a lie and a mythical claim.”

Beyond the president’s comments, Harper said the federal government is also troubled by the crackdown in Iran on “legitimate” protesters, the “fiasco” around the elections and the continued detention of Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari.

Bahari was working for the U.S. news magazine Newsweek when he was detained by Iranian authorities on June 21.

“The holding of a Canadian journalist . . . without charge continues to be unacceptable. We continue to demand his release,” Harper said.


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