the Witch flew over her co co nest

For obvious reasons I pigged out today, as if I were pregnant or something. My mouth was saying yes while my head was saying NO. I wasn’t even hungry.

There’s so much drama withn in the family. The madman/woman has arrived and and she’s on a mission, but unfortunately for her, the mission will not be accomplished. She’s here to take my mom to civil court. My aunt thinks she’s got power, but what she’s got is delusional. She needs to get off the drugs, the brain of hers has fried too much.

The reason why I am posting a blog about her is because I don’t respect the witch, for what she has done to me while I was Israel in April, that has made me not want to talk to her again, and now what she’s doing to my mother. It’s not that I don’t understand where my aunt is coming from with this condo thing, but the way she’s treating people, there’s a way to deal with things and this is not it. Extremely selfish manly lesbo, she is.

Basically, in a nutshell, my grandparents transferred their condo to my mom and my aunt, now my aunt wants to kick my mom out of the condo and is forcing her to sell it. My aunt flew in from Israel hoping to make all this happen. My aunt is desperate for it, cause she’s one who doesn’t like to work, lives off others and wants everything handed over to her. Wishful thinking.

My aunt is living off my grandparents (her parents) money that they wired to her and is also living off my grandmother’s monies she getting from Germany, something to do with the holecast.What a disgrace.

For some stupid reason my sister, mom and father went to meet up with my aunt at my grandparents retirement home and it ended up being a verbal fight. My aunt brought over her ‘real estate’ friend who also thinks he knows everything, when all they are, are clowns. I told my mom she’s wasting her time and don’t know why she even went. If it was me, I would say meet me in court. My aunt is not too bright, she lacks smarts. So it’s difficult to have a civil conversation with her. All she does is talks over you ,yells and tries to intimidate and I couldn’t be bothered. I don’t deal that way. But that’s just me. But I don’t get involved.

I told you there should be a reality show with my family in it. There’s never a dull moment.

Anyway, today I tried something new. Since I am really bothered by my hair, I got it almost shaved off. It’s a different look and I look like an alien with that big head of mine. Oh well. Change is good.