Colder than most people from Toronto

The advertisment  in British Columbia said “Coors Beer, Colder than most people from Toronto”, for the one’s who are offended by it, the truth must hurt.  I love the ad actually, because I totally agree with it.

When you’re out and about in Toronto, watch your surroundings because the person who you stand or drive or whatever next to, they’re in their own little world, they’re in their little sorry ass bubble. I am disgusted by it all. I am driving along a major street and suddenly this loonietoon, drives in from the side street and was about to hit the car I was driving, as if I weren’t there and when I stopped and give them my 2cents worth, they acted like if it were no big deal. Next time someone does that, I will will stop the car, walk out and give them my 25cents worth. If I didn’t see them and slowed down, this asswipe would of drove into the car.  No more than 5 minutes later, another bubblehead while turning at an intersection, almost went into my car, he switched lanes and almost went into the car I was borrowing. And you know what? All this when the car I was driving had a broken horn. I HATE THAT!!! I couldn’t express my disgust and anger towards these people who drive on our streets, they must of got their driver’s licence from a lottery draw. Or the person who passed them at the department of moter vechiles was either high or on medication when they passed these people who got their driver’s licence.

It has got to the point where my nice side becomes an evil nasty male bitch side, because if people are so damn selfish and in their own sad world where other people’s safety is at jeopardy, I’ll be the one to make due. I HAD IT!

But wait, let me give you the icing on the cake.

My sister and I were about to leave in my parking,  and we were putting my 16 month old niece in the car into the car seat, suddenly this idiot who lives in my building comes flying down like some fairy pretending he’s straight with some girl in the car, our doors were sort of in the way, and they wanted to drive out, all the sudden the tits on stick shemale of a woman comes towards our car and was about to close our car doors and she said “Excuse me, he’s gonna be late for work”,  I said, “who’s problem is that?” “Your problem is not my problem, we will not throw a baby into the car, stop the world and give you way” and then they started to curse, I said, “keep moving, you twit, keep moving, you douchebag, and take that tits on a stick with you”  Then they insulted my sister, the coward was doing it as he was driving off and lucky they drove off, because I would of busted their tires and the late one with the aneroxic girl or whatever she was would of been taking the bus.

So, ladies and gent’s, what it comes down to is that I need to be on medication(s).

 The chemicals aren’t flowing right and connecting with the other fibre optics in my brain.

For some apparent reason I’ve been extremely depressed and angry and I don’t know what it is. So parden the negativity until I get myself fixed and rewired.