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So, um.. at 7am, 1pm 11am, 7pm…hell with the time, my mother doesn’t even remember, I just got a year older today..wooooohooo…does anyone even remember what happened back then? In 1975 it was all a daze, everyone was high, having orgies with everyone includig the neighbours and it was flowerpower!

Well, very soon guests will be arriving, about 20 people of them.

This year’s brithday celebration will be a bit different. For the 1st time in 11 years I will be celebrating it with my family. No, No, it’s not because they were in prison all those years, they were residing in the US. So, they’re all coming over with some home made food, a couple of strippers, some crack, and we’re gonna part. baby!! Wooooooohooooo!Nobody in my family has be cracked out, we’re nuts as is.

Honestly, I don’t care for gifts. When I was growing up it was all about who got the biggest and most expensive gift when birthdays and celebrations came along, and that signified the amount of love we had or something like that. BullShit!

When I was dragged to go to my brother’s wedding last year or whenever it was, I brought myself and that was a gift. All I remember from that was a bunch of rabbi’s dancing around, all I saw were bopping magican hats because they were seperated from the women on the dancefloor, so from where I was sitting that all I was able to see. It was the most absurd thing I’ve seen. Whatever turns one on, I guess.

The only time I give gifts is to kids and dogs. Kids always need to constantly learn and keep their mind active, so I tend to buy puzzles and mind games. For dogs I get them healthy dog treats.

Since my 16 month old niece is coming over, I have to like hide everything, she’s a very inquisitive and explorative girl, very smart too, so she tends to take everything off the book cases, magazines go on the floor tables, go into cabinets, open doors etc. I keep saying it, but I would adopt her in a second! When I was babysitting her a few weeks ago, her and I were sitting on the floor in the kitchen and we were sharing and eating ready-to-eat carrots…lol..it was so cute.

I don’t post her pictures because there are sickos on the net and who knows what they’ll do with her pictures. I watch Law & Order SVU, ok.

Tootles, McDoodles

Turning 34, feel and act 27, I think I look 40 or 50 or 90.