the Block BUSTER (revised)

I know all about family dysfunction. I hear it, I live it, I breathe it, I dread it daily with my own family. Only if you knew. And quite frankly, I’m sick of all the drama. I don’t live with them, but it feels like I do.

Before the hard times in the USA, my family except the brother lived in Florida then years after they moved to of all places Las Vegas. I never understood that of all places in the US, why Las Vegas?? In September they began the process of moving back to Toronto and are almost settled after living in the US for 10 years. The final move has ben completed the past weekend.

Until all this has happened my family rarely called or needed anything from me. Suddenly, I’m a wanted man (including but not limited to a knock on the door at 6AM…here’s the baby and the dogs, have fun, we’ll be back in 13 hours, you’re the best), and even though I have resentments about their lack of communication while they lived in the US, they rarely called I always took the intuitive. But since they’ve moved back, I’ve been there for them in an instant, just like with anyone close to me. Even though that if I asked them for a favour which is very rare because I hate relying on people, it wouldn’t be without them huffing and puffing.  Relying on people is something I don’t do.  To get things done, you got to do it yourself. But you see, I’m unlike the family or those co-dependents. I come from a very sick co-dependant family (in therapy terms, co-dependency is a sickness), where they rely on each other. It’s sickening actually. I couldn’t live that way.

Within the last 7 years I’ve learned so much about myself and the world, and I’ve grown up a lot. I was like a wild mad gorilla running loose in a zoo. Unfortunate things has happened to me, but because of my poor choices. Sometimes that’s the only way someone will learn and grow and hopefully never look back. But the intervention (as I call it) was a gift for me. It truly was. I wouldn’t be alive today without that experience. I dug that hole in the grave and I was very close of laying in it. And throughout all that I know the almighty god is watching over me. Without him, I wouldn’t be here today. Well, that and my mother popping me out.

I know this is a fact, I’ve become a much stronger person than I used to be. I don’t need to be around people to feel good about myself, I don’t need substances to escape, I respect myself that I don’t need to have promiscuous sex to feel wanted.

Yea, yea I get it all time, I should write a book about the life, but I think not, I need a very good ending. And if I do write one, it will be juicy and you wouldn’t want to put it

Like what really happened in ‘Rehab’, and everything about it.  What really happened in Israel that ended my trip early in April? My first sexual experience with a woman. Did I really have a child or two? Did I have sex with a cop? Did I have sex in ‘rehab’? Did I have sex with a soldier on the train on my way to Jerusalem? And soo much more, people, so much more. My story will be made into an action/thriller/comedy/drama BLOCK BUSTER, baby!

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have an interesting story.

Oh boy, what a life.

Anyway, today I decided to something for the very first time. I took the bus to do grocery shopping!! That’s right people. I took the bus!! So, I grabbed my Kindle, backpack, iPhone, Blackberry, hiking boots, canteen and I headed to that bus stop which is at every corner of my building and within 4 mins a bus arrived. I said to myself, WOW, this is awesome! Not bad!

I couldn’t believe how quick I got to the store. When I take the car it feels like forever for some reason.

When I groceries, all I buy is healthy crap, you’ll not see processed garbage or junk in my cart or in my house. Actually when I offer something to drink at my place, all I got is water, soya milk, coffee and water and more water. No soda (I’ve not drank soda since I was 13 yrs old). And it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. And if I’m seducing a man, I offer white wine and then right to the bedroom.

On the way back, I listened to the birds chirping, some where mating, squirrels were playing with their nuts, it was so beautiful out, I was listening to Freddie Mercury on my iPhone and suddenly I heard a woman scream, I couldn’t hear her because Freddie Mercury was yelling in my ears, but I caught what she was yelling and  I looked down and saw a man having a seizure or something.  So, the bus driver took forever to call for help. And everyone was calm as if nothing was happening.  We had to depart the bus and within 9 to 10 minutes ambulance arrived. Which is ok, but the City employee’s are on strike. The guy was fine and was able to walk into the ambulance. So three ‘Out of Service’ buses later, another bus arrived.

Exciting story, huh.

During the shopping I got a text message from that one-week boytoy (or was I the boytoy) dude, and it was one of those “did I forget my cufflinks, at your place” texts, it ws obvious he wanted to rekindle, this is like 1 month after. We didn’t depart on bad terms (just exchanged a few bad language texts) it’s just that he’s a bit dull and lacks communication skills. Shhssh, and betwen us, you the reader and I, he’s not too bright…boooooring! And the sex was boring, I’m not the type to rush sex, that’s what the right hand for. You either have it or you don’t. Gotta have that right touch, softness in the kiss etc. The guy prior to him, a week earlier was ok but he left early to be home before the boyfriend, I mean to take the dogs out at 2AM. He had a cute penis.

One thing I’m not is some sugardaddy (too young for that anyway). Ya know, sometimes I may look and act a bit ditsy (especially when tired), but I ain’t no ditsy. Don’t let the looks fool ya! So, think twice before you want to try using me for sex or buy you out. If you can’t afford a meal, go to the food bank, I am not buying friendships or so called lovers.  I’ve been used before and that was the old Joey. This one is the New, Improved, and much stronger Joey, so keep on walkin’. I ain’t no sucker.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a giving person, but not to people who are in it for that. Those days are long gone..looooooooong gone! You begone.

City employee’s in Toronto are on strike, which is affecting everything from ambulance service to garbage. The no garbage pickup is affecting everything and everyone and it’s making Toronto look horrible especially since it’s high season for visitors. Toronto has one of the worst mayors the city ever had. He has the power to order a back to work legislation while the the talks are happening, which isn’t going anywhere and it’s been almost a month!! I was at a store yesterday and I overheard some woman say out loud to her friend at the cashier “agh, I don’t want to pay taxes I’m on strike”. She had pride in her voice when she said that, and as if she wanted everyone to hear her, so I made sure everyone heard me andsaid to her “Be ashamed, really, you people are acting like a bunch of spoiled idiots who demand too much for doing little” and they looked at me with such surprise, I just walked away . The City employee’s should be fired, and replaced with people who will take their over-paying jobs. Fire them all! And replace them. And the mayor has got to go! Only in Canada willy ou see garbage picker uppers go on strike. What a joke! Holding paytaxers, the people who pay their cheques, hostage for their greedy demands.  Be grateful for what you have, that’s all.

 P.S Those who keep sending those emails saying Hi…