Commentary on Life Application by iJoey (TM)(retitled)(revised)

I’ve been dogsitting the little gremlins since Thursday and even though I love animals, I don’t like tiny gremlin like dogs, they’re damn annoying, well she is. When I take them for a walk I feel as though I put a leash on mice. And ever since I got them my allergies have been going crazy and I’ve become a cranky bitch. What’s even more annoying is one of them, the female, my mom named her Booba (pronounced Boo-Ba, Booba is a hebrew word meaning ‘doll’), does kartwheels, barks hysterically, kinda sounds like murder actually, when she notices that she’s going for a walk, (and I take them for a walk 3-4 times a day), and she’s not even a puppy!. Booba is around 4-5 yrs old and Snoopy (male) is around 10 years old and he’s gay. Thank god she’s fixed, I couldn’t imagine how she would be in heat, nor do I want to know. And you can’t go on long walks with these tiny things, they get tired fast because of their tiny legs and mouse like bodies. Awww, sweet little gremlin’s.

But this Booba character gremlin, she likes to sleep on the edge of a bed at night and I don’t like it cause I like to sleep spread eagle, I’m afraid I would squash her and the last thing I want is a flat gremin on my bed in the morning.

With this bitching post you’re wondering what’s up my ass..NOTHING!

Perhaps, there should be!!

Four more days.

Again, I love animals not gremlins. They’re depressed and homesick.

For the post below, reader discretion is advised.

Okay, so I don’t get people who go onto the site ‘Twitter’. Seriously, WHO CARES what you do every single second, minute, hour of the day. “I took a shit”, “I just masturbated”, “I picked my nose”, etc etc. One word to describe these people Narcissistic!

If people actually care what one does all day, I’ve got news for those people, YOU NEED A LIFE!!!  I’m sure iTunes has an application for that too, the ‘GET-A-LIFE’ application. Speaking of which, I’m just so delighted ( I rarely use that that I jailbroke (unlocked) my iPhone 3.0 which means I can use it on any carrier, and I did it all on my own..woooohooooo!!!  And if you’re wondering if I’ll be wasting money and be stupid to purchase the new iPhone? Hell to the NO! Unless if there is a major change to it. I heard the PalmPre is good, but it ‘s on the worst network, BELL! 

 If you’re a Bell Canada home phone customer, did you know they’ll do anything to get money out of you like all those other greedy, big corporation? Until recently if you wanted your home phone unlisted, it only costs you a fee of $2.95 or something like that a month.  Now, they’re charging customers a one-time charge of $25 plus the $2.95 fee a month if you want your phone unlisted. When I heard this, I told them to cancel my line, and only then the representative in the Philippines transferred me to the “Loyalty’ department, and only then was the $25 waived. Because, us loyal customers deserve to be scammed, right? And when I asked why they’re charging this suddenly, they told me this ” Sir, we have technicians who have to keep the databases updated on a constant basis and they have to maintain those lists to keep your number unlisted”. I said “Excuse me for being rude, but do you think I just landed from Mars? You’re insulting my intelligence with your bullshit and if it weren’t for us loyal customers you wouldn’t have a job, well those philippino’s won’t”. Does Bell do this purposely to push away customers? I think so!!

I get kinda bitchy when people bullshit, just kinda.

The reason why I’m not switching to Rogers is because Rogers home phone relies cable to work, if the cable goes down, so does your phone. If there’s a snow storm etc or whatever and it causes an outage, you have no phone. So, even though its morre of a pain being a customer with lousy Bell, the land-line is more reliable. I wish they had more companies with land-line, cause I would switch in a drop of a hat!

Ok, can they finally let Michael Jackson rest in peace. It’s been, what? more than a week and his body has still not been buried. The dress rehearsal footage, which was taken hours before his death has been played probably over a million times on TV, especially on CNN. Let him rest in peace already, why do the Americans like to do make a big spectacle out of things and let it dread on forever!!! It’s time to celebrate his legacy and what he’s contributed to entertainment. Move on ALREADY!

Move on!

I’ve seen an episode or two of some program called ‘Workout’ on some network called ‘Slice’, it’s about some lesbian chick named Jackie Warner who owns some health club in Los Angeles called ‘Skyport’ or something like that.. And I have to admit, I kinda like it a bit, just a bit. There’s a guy on this “some program called ‘Workout’ on some network called ‘Slice’, his name is Jesse and I have to admit as well, I’ve got a crush on him, he’s definitely my type, a type I can’t find in Toronto. In one boring episode the trainers take off their shirt off on the beach and little did I know that Jesse didn’t have a toned body. When I noticed he had, as he called it “gay fat”, I liked him even more!!  I’m not into toned, muscular or boney thin types. Some fat is very sexy!! Not obese, just some fat. And some fat is sexy on women as well. For women, sexy is when they have those humps and curvy body, not obese. Just sexy humps.

To hump.

But then Jackie Warner says “Jessee has gained weight and I don’t think he’s giving good representation of Skyport and he needs to get back in shape.” I kinda agree, when you go to the gym, you’d probably want a trainer who’s in shape, but if Dr.Phil can get away with a diet program for over-weight people, why can’t anyone else do it?

I’m gonna call  Skyport and ask to talk to Jesse, brb..