Don’t Stop til You Get Enough

Toronto showed their love today not just for Canada’s Day but also to celebrate Michael Jackson’s legacy. In downtown Toronto 30,000 people showed up and they sang, danced and celebrated the day away to Michael Jackson music. Just amazing, AWESOME!!! Instead to mourn, celebrating one’s life is a better way to remember them, in my opinion. Meanwhile, Jackson’s family can’t decide what do with funeral arrangements, LET HIM REST IN PEACE ALREADY!! And it isn’t a surprise that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) is now part of the investigation of his death. About time! A doctor has no business to administer a drug used for surgery through an IV when the person is not undergoing surgery!!! He was on what? 4 different painkillers for sleep deprivation???? Who’s the clown that gave these doctors a degree?

But like Elvis Presley’s death, Michael Jacksons worth will flourish and Jackson’s estate will be as successful as Presley’s. That is scary shit. Michael tried to do a comeback a few times and didn’t succeed, now that he’s dead he’s making millions???? Isn’t it ironic?

Experts predict that millions could flow into the Jackson estate coffers with renewed interest in his life and music after his unexpected death.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, Jackson-related titles dominated the top nine positions on Billboard’s Top Pop Catalog Albums chart released Wednesday, a feat never before accomplished.

Billboard said that with his “Number Ones” album at No. 1 on the chart with sales of 108,000 (an increase of 2,340 percent), it marked the first time a catalog album has sold more than the No. 1 current set on the Billboard 200 albums chart by outselling the Black Eyed Peas’ “The E.N.D.” which was No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with 88,000 sold in the past week.

In other news…Another thing that happened today, Mandarin Chinese Buffet Restaurant in Toronto had a free for all day as long as you show proof you’re Canadian. Um yea, for one, hundreds showed up and they showed up in droves since 5:30 AM, lines 6 hours long were happening around blocks. There’s a location a few minutes away from me and there were line-up’s going around the block. I was on my way from the gym and I was like “what the hell??” then I realized what it was for. Hell to the no I will wait in line for food. If I was homeless, of course. But no way in hell. What’s up with that??? I ate there on numerous occasions and afterwards felt sick, it’s not that great. But hey, except for happiness and self gratification, nothing comes free these days.

Lucky me, my parents are going to the US for 5 days and I’m babysittin their mice, well they’re dogs but are tiny little yappy things. They’ll fit in with the rest of the annoying loud dogs on my floor. One of her dogs is a gay male, he’s in love with me. He doesn’t like anyone but the owner’s and me, he’s old and his breathe smells like nasty ass. When he was younger he didn’t like me, but hey as you get older your taste changes. It’s gonna be tons of fun. They’re cute little annoying munchkins. I love dogs, but mid size one’s.

Just like everything else.