Pride 365

Pride Week is next week and it’s the 40th Anniversary of Decriminalize Homosexuality in Canada.

Tune into CityTV News and the reporter stands beside buff 1/2 naked men in their fluorescent green underwear surrounded by a couple of dragqueens. Why do gays portray this image? It seems that being gay is all about sex, drugs and dressing up like your grandmother. It’s no wonder the stereotypes will never go away. 

And if you’re in Ontario and you watch TV you’ve come acrossthat ‘PrideToronto’ commercial on CTV.The commercial has variouspeople whosay a line or two about being gay andinvitingpeople come out and celebrate being gay and “being different”.For example, a lesbian says “one week to celebrate who you are “. anda gaymale says”it’s okay to be different”.

Just one week to be different and celebrate who you are???CTV could of done a much better job,the commericalishorrible in every way. Gays need to celebrate who they are year long not just one week, so the lines or scriptthat these people were given to say, were poorly written. I’ve never agreed with thegay parade, maybe a festival without the nudity, bare asses and parties, but that’s besides the point. It’s a time tocelebrate how far we’ve come in Canada and how fortunate we are in this country, compared to other countries including our neighbours to the south. The parade part has got to go.

Celebrate you, not your sexuality. I don’t walk around broadcastingmy sexuality nor wear a T-Shirtsaying “I’m Gay, Get USED to IT”. It’s when gays have the courage to do it every single day of their life rather reserve just one week.

The commercial could ofbeen more assertive and should of had a stronger message, it was weak in every sense, the people in the commercial come across as weak and insecure. It was too subtle.CTV is one of the sponsors, in a very low profileway.But having said that, there was one good thing about the commercial and itwas the fact thatitdidn’t have those gay stereotypes, you know,the dragqueens, the men wearing chaps bearing their naked asses,and flaming queens dancing to “We Are Family” in the background.