We will ROCK YOU down! (retitled)

Long time since a personal blog has been posted.

I’m here, but not all here..just waiting for my anti-psychotic meds to kick in. So I can write in peace.

Stalking me on websites will get you NOWHERE! And you know who I’m talking about.

 BEfore I say PeAce Out! What’s up with people going out of their way, their NO LIFE way to spread hate and discriminate? I’m talking about Proposition 8 in California.

Listen what I don’t get is this, if it doesn’t interfere with your life, if no one is infringing on your equal rights, cause you know we all are entitled to equal rights, than why mess up people’s lives, I mean , after all gays pay taxes too, right?

Listen all you bible people, religious righteous freaks, the bible was written thousands of years ago, GET WITH THE FUCKIN PROGRAM, it’s out of date, GET IT? OUT OF DATE, OUT OF TOUCH.

And it’s there just for destruction. Get it? DESTRUCTION!!!!

Let people live on their own terms and stop screwing up other people lives.

In the meantime..EAT THIS..


As you watch this video from the late Freddie Mercury, remember this all you haters out there, at the end when the day will come, we will ROCK YOU down with gay rights and gays around the world will will sing proud ‘We Are the Champions.’

Even though gay marriage is legal in the province of Ontario Canada, I speak for gays everywhere. There will be justice!

You’d think in 2009 the USA of all countries in the world would of change their ancient and out-of-date ways, but they’re still behind and that’s the sad part, its the USA for f**k sake, not Iran.