In the Holy Land

I’m on Day 9 of a 2 week or so trip to Israel. The picture in my previous post was a bird eyes’ view Tel Aviv as the plane was descending and about to land.

I’ve plenty more to see and do before I leave. Tomorrow we will be heading to Elat which is a 3.5 hour drive south in the scortching hot desert and we will be stopping by the Masada and the Dead Sea. I was trying to get into the West Bank and Gaza but next time.

There’s never a time when you will not see soldiers with their big guns, rifles, whatever they’re called I’m not into guns. And everywhere you go there is plenty of eye candy. I’ve not seen so many good looking people. Everywhere has security where your bags are checked for the usual. Going on trains,is pretty much like the security when traveling by plane. I took the train high up in he mountains to Jerusalem, I have plenty of pictures to post when I return to Toronto. SO much history here, which makes it so facisincating.