In a Texas Jail, hard time was a wild and good time

In a U.S state where doing time is notorious for doing hard time, somehow this prison was not one of them and became something like a brothel. This happens whens when you got an old sheriff who is old and desperate that he resorts to having jailhouse sex with female inmates. Unfortunatley for him, that’s now going to change when he goes to jail and will have no choice but to have sex with male inmates, that’s if any male inmate is desperate to have sex with his wrinkled saggy ass. Ewww. Someone has been watching too many jailhouse porno scenes.

Sheriff, 16 others charged in scandal after inmates and guards had sex, took drugs for months
Mar 17, 2009 04:30 AM


MONTAGUE, Tex. – For months, perhaps longer, the Montague County Jail was Animal House meets Mayberry.

Inside the small brick building across from the courthouse, inmates had the run of the place, having sex with their jailer girlfriends, bringing in recliners, taking drugs and chatting on cellphones supplied by friends or guards, according to authorities. They also disabled some of the surveillance cameras and made weapons out of nails.

The doors to two groups of cells didn’t lock, but apparently no one tried to escape – perhaps because they had everything they needed inside.

The jailhouse escapades – some of which date to 2006, according to authorities – have rocked Montague, (pronounced mahn-TAYG), a farming and ranching town of several hundred people about 100 kilometres northwest of Fort Worth, Tex.

There were whispers in the past year about an affair between a female jailer and male inmate, but folks dismissed the rumours as small-town gossip. It was not until late last month, when a Texas grand jury returned a 106-count indictment against the former sheriff and 16 others, that the inmates-gone-wild scandal broke wide open.

The indictment charged Bill Keating, sheriff from 2004 until December 2006, with official oppression and having sex with female inmates. The others indicted include nine guards – seven women and two men – who were charged with various offences involving sex or drugs and other contraband. Four inmates also were charged.

The new sheriff, Paul Cunningham, said he was stunned while touring the jail for the first time just hours after being sworn into office Jan. 1. He saw partitions made of paper towels that blocked jailers’ view into cells, and pills scattered about.

Cunningham, who had not worked for the county before his election in November, immediately ordered the jail closed and moved the nearly 60 inmates to another institution.

“It literally scared me – not for myself but for the employees,” he said. “How somebody kept from being killed was beyond me.”

Separately from the indictment, Keating, 62, faces up to 10 years in federal prison after pleading guilty in January to charges he coerced a woman into having sex with him by threatening to jail her on drug charges.

The investigation began with a tip last fall from inside the jail.

An official received a handwritten letter on notebook paper from an inmate arrested on charges of kidnapping his girlfriend. The inmate, Luke Bolton, said they met in 2007 when she was a jail guard and he was behind bars on another charge. He said their sexual relationship started in a jail shower and continued during her late-night visits to his cell.

“I’m just reaching out for help to show (the jailer) is a person who abused her power. She broke the law by having sex with me in cell 16 while I was an inmate. … Please help me. I am telling the truth. Everybody knows I am,” Bolton wrote, offering to take a polygraph.

The former jailer is among those indicted. Bolton remains in jail.

Cunningham said it appears most of the illegal activities occurred in a certain section of the 100-bed, one-storey jail, which has several long corridors that make it difficult for anyone to hear what is going on beyond their immediate areas.

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