You know when you had a bad day when….

You know when you’re having a bad day when…

At the store (PharmaPlus, a store I dislike but it was on my way), the person in line before you holds up the line and when you patiently wait and it’s your turn the ONE item you were waiting 15 mins for wouldn’t scan. Then she typed in all of the 1000 numbers below the barcode and it still wouldn’t ring up.  I said, “You know what?  I waited long enough for this ONE LITTLE ITEM, FORGET IT!”

I was trying to buy an Atkins Power Bar cause I just came back from the gym, so I was dying get some energy cause I was feeling faint. But nooooooooooo, the bad day was preventing me.

Then onto the next store, a totally different store (Metro, a local grocery store), the damn cashier couldn’t scan the items. The items were not scanning! Is this for real??? Scan it, damit! Scan IT!!!

Wait, it doesn’t end there…

I went to the ‘Service Canada’ kiosk (a so called automated system that allows people to do government stuff, but only when it’s working which is rare) to order my instant driver’s abstract, it charged my credit card, but it spits out a BLANK PIECE OF PAPER!!!! When I called the ever so NOT helpful toll free number, I spent 1/2 hour on the phone just for him to say “we will be sending you a $13 cheque in the mail in 6 weeks”.  All I want is my driver’s abtract, wouldn’t it be logical to just to mail me a copy instead of waiting six weeks for a lousy $13 cheque??? But as we know, government don’t think logical they’re a bunch of clowns who think with their asses.

I said SIX WEEKS??? It’s 2009!! Just credit it back onto my credit card?? Oh yes how could I forget, it’s the government, you’d think with all the money they have they could upgrade their 1979 systems.

Or better yet, FIX THE GOVERNMENT!

Thanx for the “convenient service”!!

I was so tempted to take a black marker and write “NO” in front of the ‘Service Canada’ sign. But I didn’t.


And that’s when you know you had a bad day.

But I didn’t take it personal, cause SHIT HAPPENS and you just get over it.

It all happened within 1 hour.




Really, I am!

It’s good to vent.

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