1979 Naked Madonna photo for $37,000

Some weirdo wasted $37,000 on a 1979 Nude Photo of Madonna!  You kiddin me? I have an original framed Playboy centrefold of Madonna from that same photoshoot, it’s of her laying on some chair naked, unshaved and all. It’s collecting dust.

NEW YORK (CNN) — A nude photograph of pop singer Madonna was sold for $37,500 Thursday afternoon at a Christie’s Art House auction.

The photo, originally expected to go for between $10,000 and $15,000, was purchased for more than double its original estimated selling price, a Christie’s spokesperson confirmed. The 13-inch by 8 5/8-inch framed photograph was purchased by an anonymous bidder over the phone.

The full frontal photograph was one of several taken by American photographer Lee Friedlander in 1979. Madonna, then a cash-strapped student, received $25 for the entire photo shoot.

Most of the pictures from the shoot were ultimately featured in Playboy magazine in 1985.

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