Americans can only spell two words…

Like if this was a huge revelation??


Well, this is embarass … embarrasin … um, awkward. A survey has shown that Americans are worse spellers than their British counterparts.

The study tested 2,000 adults and found that Brits bee’d out Americans on every word on a spelling bee except for two — “definitely” and “friend.” Americans particularly missed out on words like “liaison” and “embarrassed.”

The poor results of Americans are being blamed on the high rate of high school dropouts. (No word on whether Yankees got dinged for spelling “color” without a “u” in the middle.)

And the Spelling Society, who sponsored the research, wants to revamp the entire “spelling system,” which they think is to blame both in the U.K. and in America. (Step one: Quit having spelling bee debacles.)

Test subjects in both countries underperformed, and researchers believe that either spelling needs to be modernized or that techniques for teaching it need to improve, particularly on our side of the pond.

We theorize that it’s because Americans are always saying “that guy is definitely my friend,” whereas the Brits are apparently dashing off e-mails rife with sentiments like “I’m awfully embarrassed I missed my liaison with that lady. Hopefully we’ll meet up sometime this millennium to sort out those accommodations.”

Tell us! Embarrassed? Commitment? Your/you’re? What word do you always misspell?

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