You know, when things are just the same thing, and nothing seems to be progressing and you just have to try something totally different, a whole new outlook, new environment, new people, new everything.

New chapter and a brand new journey in a foreign place.

In the very near future, it will be time to say bye to a familiar place and Hello to the new.

Change is on the way.


On a different note, I’ve been browsing ‘Facebook’ and it amazes me how many people out there who bare everything for the world to see. I looked up childhood friends and former friends and it’s a site you can locate pratically just about anybody, I’m sure even Bin Laden has a page. There are those of whom I didn’t know were gay. Former doucebag friends, I try to figure out if she’s just fat or pregnant. Speaking of which, some never seem to change, they remain to be the self-absorbed doucebags that put up 300 photos of their wedding for the world to see.  I’m surprised pictures of her loose caboose isn’t in there somewhere.

Bounderies people, bounderies.

Why is this Jessica Simpson weight gain all over the media? Like as if she’s commited a crime or done something horrible. The media is trash, will always be trash and they’ll publish anything, it’s their fault for all the insanity we constantly hear, they twist stories around just to make a buck or two. Big fuckin deal the girl gained a few extra pounds, it doesn’t change who she is, and those who talk bullshit about this stuff act is if their shit don’t stink. Especially that big headed toad Perez Hilton, he’s a moron. Someone should hack his site and post his nasty face pictures with dick scribble all over his face along with “I’M AN ACTOR FAILURE – GAIN FAME FROM OTHERS”. He’s so stupid and despictable he gives gays a really bad name.