the Clowning Neighbours

Ya know, when it rains it pours and today was one of those days.

Today was a depression day, and I know that because I ate late night tonight and I never do that, so here comes the extra fat.

Lastnight between the hours of 12 AM to 3 AM my neighbour had a whole lot of banging going on. And it pissed me right off. So, since I didn’t know which neighbor it was as my living room was shaking from the rampage, it could of been any neighbour around me. So the next day, I wrote up a note and posted it at the elevator and I said to the clowns who were responsible of making ruckus late last night should cease and desist and if it happens again I will get the authorities involved. The notice was not addressed to any particular neighbour.

A few hours later, low and behold some neighbour took the time to type up a letter and posted it just above mine saying something like “it wasn’t us, we were fast alseep way before 3am, but neighbours should get along, and noise will happen in an apartment building, so move into a house or the penthouse suite..”

MY RESPONSE: “Dear pleasant neighbour, you dumbtwat, NEWSFLASH! in an apartment building or condo noise levels are to be down at 11pm, anything later than that especially at 2am and you’re disturbing the public, second, if it weren’t you, your dead giveaway note that it was you wouldn’t of been defensive for example advising I need to move into a house or penthouse suite since rampage is usual at 2AM”

Anyways, ya know, I’m a nice person most times, but be stupid, arrogant, and inconsiderate and you’re dealing with the devil.

It’s the ROAR and CLAWS in the Leo…Meeeeoow.

I saw both ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘The Reader’ tonight and both movies were excellent. Kate Winslet is amazing as always in her work. After watching these two movies, I doubt ‘Milk’ will win the Oscar for Best Picture. Nonetheless, Sean Penn was good.

Still need to watch ‘Doubt’ and The Curious Case of Benjemin something’.