Booowhoooo, Shovel it and Shut Up!

“WHAT??? I am gonna miss my pedicure appointment” “It’s my anniversary and we can’t celebrate now”

Ur nails will live…And it’s your fault for hooking up in December.

Those are people when you say “Ding Dong my brain is Gone!”

Toronto and most of the Northeast in the USA got a heavy snowstorm today with 20cm (about 8 inches) of snow and a windchill it feels like -19C (-2 F). Well, for those who are quite disappointed with this weather…MOVE TO CUBA!

Quit bitchin, you’re making it sound like it’s a big surprise that Toronto got a snowstorm in the end of December. I’ve got news for ya complainers, those who should be complaining are people in Nevada, cause it’s a fuckin desert!!, they’re the one’s who should be saying “What the hell???” they got 6 inches of snow and it’s a desert!!!, they’ve not got snow in more than 30years. Those people should be complaining to mother nature, NOT CANADIANS!!!! or the Northern USA. GIMME A BREAK….

Watch this …..a video I posted last year when people were bitchin about a snowstorm in Canada.