Simply the Best!

She never ceases to disappoint or amaze the audience ever since she first took the stage many years ago and for her entire career. There is no other entertainer up to par with Tina Turner, and at her age she still has it going on and all these years she can still electrify the stage. And she did so lastnight, every single person of the 20,000 or so at the AirCanada Centre were having a blast! I saw it.I felt it. I believed it. And so did the thousands at last nights show.

NOOO One, Not Madonna, Not Britney, Not even my girl Beyonce, Not Christina, Not one person at any show, have I seen anything alike where literally everyone was off their seats and were moving and grooving before the Queen of Soul for the entire 2.5 hour show!!! And there’s no exaggeration with that statement. Toronto felt Tina, she gave them real good!

When my mother heard that Tina Turner was in concert she said to me that Tina is the only person she’ll go see in concert. So, I had to, I mean had to within myself to find a way within the short notice to take her to the concert. The show was sold out! But my people made some connections (lol) and I managed to get awesome seats within short notice. When my mom heard, she thought I was bullshitting.

Joey never bullshits.

The 2.5 hour show sucked the energy out of me, perhaps it’s another reason I might not go to concerts anymore, being around large crowds sucks the energy right out of me. But I did it for my mom, because who knows when or if Tina will tour again.

Tina is unlike anyone else in the biz. She’s more than electrifying, its her stage presence, and she never fails to give the fans all she’s got and all they ever wanted and more!. No one can duplicate Tina Turner!! And at her age, she still looks amazing. I don’t care if she added some pounds, Tina looks ABSOLUTELY  FAN A TASTIC!! Cause after all, she is Tina Turner.

And unlike the others in the industtry Tina Turner doesn’t have that fake or pretentious front about her, she doesn’t need to be, she’s just her herself. She’s the one and only, Tina Turner.

This 3rd sold out show in Toronto was her closing show of her 6 week North American Tour.

It wouldn’t be a Joey review without including a little would of enjoyed it more if the drunk old guy beside me wouldn’t of kept bumping into me. Nonetheless, it was alright, cause he wasn’t being that obnoxious. I’ve done the intoxicated thing at a concert years ago, not a good idea cause everything seemed foggy when you try to recall what you saw.

The bad news.. I don’t have any pictures to show, I could of taken many good ones as I had really good seats, however since I’ve moved into my new place I am unable to locate the battery charger for my digital camera and when I got inside the venue I realized I forgot my Blackberry in the car.  Which sucked, because I always take pictures at a concert.

Anyway, hands down and no doubt Tina Turner is one and the only and she’s Simply the Best!

And I’m not a huge fan, so my review speaks in volumes.