GUILTY in the Creba boxing day murder case.

‘JRS’, one of the six being tried for the case that shocked Toronto on a Boxing Day winter night has been found guilty for 2nd degree murder and other charges including weapons. Even though the Crown attorney submitted allegations that ‘JRS’ was not the one who shot the innocent woman on the shopping day, the gun was passed to him therefore he was involved in a crime, Canadian law says, you’re just as guilty as the one who committed the crime.

JRS has been in custody all this time and under Canadian sentencing guidelines will most likely be sentenced to a couple of years.


A jury has found the first person tried in the Boxing Day shooting of 15-year-old Jane Creba guilty of second-degree murder.

The 20-year-old Toronto man who can only be named as J.S.R., seemed surprised by the verdict that came down around 12:30 p.m.

J.S.R., who can’t be named because he was a juvenile at the time of the shooting, was also found guilty of two counts of aggravated assault in the wounding of two other people at the scene.

The main issue for the jury was whether, as the Crown alleged, J.S.R. got a handgun from co-accused Louis Raphael Woodcock and fired it during the Dec. 26, 2005 shootout on the crowded sidewalk, just north of the Eaton Centre.

J.S.R.’s defence contended that he never fired the 9-mm Ruger pistol, but was handed it after Woodcock shot every bullet in its magazine.

J.S.R. is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday.

Around 2 p.m., defence lawyer Gary Grill appeared stunned as he told reporters outside court that the defence team is “extremely disappointed by the verdict in this case.” He later called the jury’s findings of guilt “completely unreasonable. I can’t fathom how the jury came to this verdict.”

“We’re obviously going to be appealing … We will not stop fighting, as far a we can go.”

Grill said his client was holding up well. “He’s facing this with a lot of dignity. I wouldn’t have been as stoic in the circumstances.”

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