Here, hear it on the radio

Wooohooo hello to the extra pounds. Ho Ho HO  Just in time for ChristMass.

I am no Ho, I just Blo. Your JoeBlo, but not your ordinary JoeBlow.

At the rate I’m going at, I may be pregnant with twins (slight exaggeration). I’m eating more than ever since the cold weather has arrived, yes blame it on the cold because in the summer I’m not hungry as a cow.And it doesn’t help when you got family trying to feed you the greasy when they don’t see that I’m beginning to look like a fat porcupine. But I’m a bit more happier since I’m more of a jolly eater. I don’t know how those vain and shallow people that eat like birds manage, but they do in a crusty nasty way.

Have no fear I went on the  ellipitical for 50 minutes today and put my foot to the medal and burned the pedal, as I sweat to the music and I huffin’ and puffin’.

DO I sound like a woman yet? I’m gonna break all stereotypes. Unlike that couple who’s got some woman show on some boring station CBC. It’s no wonder there’s so much stereotypes with the gays. It’s when gays finally get a show on mainstream TV station but they talk about woman stuff as they act the part and foam at the mouth talking about hair, makeup and dresses. Like O My God Girlfriend! I love those heels, wouldn’t I look great in bed legs in the air??? And as if the toupee isn’t noiceable! Even my beautiful 6 month old neice can figure that one out.

GET REAL! and stop giving gays a bad name already, that show needs to be banned by the gay activists.

Lastnight the American Music Awards, and this year has got to be the best show in a long time. Annie Lennox is just amazing, she puts all her heart and soul into her music. She’s truly a gifted musician. I love that woman. But do you know who would turn me str8 without effort? Not Queen Elizabeth…nooo not Britney Spears, Nooooo, not the Pussykitty Dolls or whatever they’re called, but, the one and the only….

My girl Beyonce. She’s got it all!. The voluptuous body, the look, the feel, the touch, the talent and the stage presence. She’s pure entertainment and she’s my hot chocolate. She’s delicious and I’m sure very nutritious.

Mariah may have sold a lot of albums, but seriously she puts me to sleep. This is the only time I can truly say that a woman can put me to sleep. She’s got voice talent but she’s one boring act. I like the whole package deal, someone who can put on a show and tantalize your senses and make you want more. And Beyonce is that woman. She’s my hot chocolate. Not some guy named Jazy. But the way, have you smelled her man’s new cologne called ‘9IX’ (pronounced 99)?? I thought I was about to have an orgasm when I sniffed the sample that was enclosed in GQ magazine. It’s a cologne I am definitely gonna have to buy.

Back to the American Music Awards, Christina Aguelaria is back on the scene way to early, she just had a baby, she should allow more time. I have nothing against the girl, but even the girldle didn’t agree with her. She’s talented enough to be absent from the scene to recuperate from the pregnancy.

And when they said there was going to be someone who’s gonna make “special appearance” to introduce a special achievement award to Annie Lennox, I was expecting maybe, Michael Jackson or maybe Prince but not Justin Timberlake. He’s a nice guy (him and I had brunch), but seriously, he wasn’t a special appearance, he’s been appearing everywhere lately. A special appearance is when someone BIG who’s been absent for a great length of time and suddenly reappears just for a special occasion. If you asked JT to sing at your birthday party he’ll be there.

It was on this day in 1991 Freddy Mercury from the group ‘Queen’ died from AIDS.