Therapy thoughts


You know who I would spend $368 on? No, not on a douchbag, or on a rag doll, nooo not an overrated slut, noooo not on an angry greedy bitch….but on Don Rickles.

I was watching him on Letterman lastnight. He’s the funniest comedian out there today. No one can duplicate this guy, he’s absolutely hilarious. If I met someone who’s my age for a potential mate and they were that funny I would jump them tell you, humor makes me squirm and all fuzzy inside. Not from old men like Don Rickles, but witty humor is my kind of humor and Rickles is a comic genius. You know when it’s good comedy when you sit there and laugh throughout, it’s shitty comedy when there’s not much to laugh at and you’re only laughing very little.

For example, the highly overrated movie ’40 yr Old Virgin’, which made Steve Carrell famous. In my opinion, the movie wasn’t that funny. I actually thought it was bland and because of so much hype I was expecting more. And that’s boring uncreative funny. You funnybunny.

Anyway, humor cures a lot of things. If you got no sense of humor, well, I feel sorry for ya and it’s too late, you had to be born with it, you either got it or you don’t. And you can’t buy that anywhere.

Talking about stupid funny, I’ve been messing with my hair or whatever I have left. Last year I bought an electronic shave from a place that sells TVs and Computers, otherwise known as FutureShop. I tend to be lazy getting a trim at stylist every 2 or 3 weeks and since time flies by quckly, the 3 weeks feels like 1 week.  I call my haircuts the  5 or 10 min makeover. The amount of time is dependant on how much I entertain her as she’s cutting my hair.

Ever since my exercise machine has retired, I’ve been going to the gym. I drag my plump ass and sweat the tunes of 2008. GummiBears need to stop living at the gyms, people get so addicted they actually look funny, disproportionate. They’re so addicted that they need to take up 2 machines and I say stick to one for now. There’s life outside the gym. Stop being a gym recluse! And when they walk around it looks like they’re doing so with a dumbbell up their ass. That kinda stuff impresses the shallow and superficial empty people.  I’m talking about those super duper chunky bulging popping people.

Ever since I’ve moved into my mansion (well, it feels like a mansion), the new place feels empty. I need to get a few animals and a live hot body and spice up this place. It’s time for shakin’ and bakin’. I can’t see how do wealthy people with either just them or a few others live in a huge home. I find it creepy. Kinda like now, the breeze seeping from the window making the  vertical  blinds slap eachother as I sit in the dark with the laptop on my lap baking my boys.

Shit, I forgot that I have to see my therapist tomorrow. Damn, I need to go to bed.

P.S  Did you know therapists don’t “cure” you? The patient does the work, the therapist helps find the truth. I find it to be a chore. Too much this and that, when we have to forget the past and move forward.

No easy, my friends. Time can only heal deep wounded souls.

YEs, I know I need to figure out the small details with the website background and header, I just got no patience. The configurations can be time consuming.

Tootles McNoodles

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