Suspect in Hudson murders charged

The case is building quickly against psychopath murderer William Balfour, the man police sources have pinpointed as the primary suspect in the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s family.

More details are emerging: The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting Balfour’s girlfriend – whose house he was arrested at – has contradicted Balfour’s alibi and cops have caught him in at least one other lie. Police have been tracking him through cell phone records.

A neighbor says a man he believes to be Balfour was seen pulling up to his GF’s house around noon on Friday, got out of the car “carrying what appeared to be a bottle of liquor,” and was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ why officials believe William Balfour violated his parole – he had missed anger management counseling and substance abuse courses that were required as a condition of his release from prison.

Balfour had served time for attempted murder and carjacking. The anger management lapse is ominous, given that he’s a “person of interest” in the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew. As for the substance abuse courses, the Chicago Sun-Times quotes a witness as saying they saw a man resembling Balfour exiting the infamous white SUV “carrying what appeared to be a bottle of liquor.”

Several law enforcement sources tell us Balfour will be charged in the murders as early as today, but no timetable is definite.

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